How these mixed sheep & cropping farmers transformed a struggling small-scale operation into a profitable 5,000 acre farming enterprise – all while working less

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We are doing something different this week, by sharing a great case study with you. If you have yet to listen to this podcast, we have shared it below. Well done to Hayley and Martin for this amazing success in farming. 
Case Study: Hayley & Martin Grosser, Mixed Sheep & Dryland Cropping Farmers, VIC 
Nestled in the heart of Victoria's Western Wimmera, close to the South Australian border, lies MHG Farming Enterprises, a mixed sheep and dryland cropping operation owned and operated by farmers Hayley and Martin Grosser.  
Their journey from a struggling small-scale operation to a flourishing and profitable 5,000 acre farming enterprise is a testament to the Grosser’s resilience, willingness to learn and adapt, and the support of Farm Owners Academy (“FOA”).  
Before working with Farm Owners Academy 
Hayley and Martin's early days on their farm were fraught with challenges that can often plague smaller farming operations. Limited resources, unpredictable weather, and a lack of strategic direction were just a few of the hurdles they faced. Hayley and Martin struggled, feeling like they were flying blind financially, fearful of the future, and working long hours to try and keep afloat. 
Despite these challenges, Hayley and Martin were determined to succeed. However, it soon became clear that despite their passion for farming, it was not enough to overcome the significant operational and financial obstacles they faced. They knew they had to make a change, and quickly. 
After working with Farm Owners Academy 
The decision to join FOA marked the beginning of a significant transformation for Hayley and Martin.  
Working with Farm Owners Academy provided them with not only practical strategies to improve financial performance but a comprehensive approach to running a farm as a sustainable business, as well as a lifestyle they can actually enjoy (no more 100+ hour working weeks!).  
By joining the Platinum Mastermind Program, they got to work with farm business coaches and farm financial specialists at FOA. Hayley and Martin undertook a comprehensive program tailored to their farm business needs which covered essential aspects including financial management, strategic planning, operational efficiency, and importantly, mindset shifts towards growth and success. 
Key Guidance Areas for Hayley & Martin 
Under FOA’s guidance, Hayley and Martin were able to develop and implement on their farm:

  • Strategic Business Planning: One of the first breakthroughs for Hayley and Martin was the development of a robust business plan, guided by FOA's strategic planning workshops and coaching. This plan served as a roadmap, outlining clear goals for expansion, profitability, and operational efficiency. It allowed the Grosser’s to prioritise their efforts and resources effectively, leading to better decision-making and a more focused approach to their business.
  • Financial Literacy: With FOA's focus on financial literacy and management, Hayley and Martin gained a deep understanding of their farm operation's financial health. They learned to analyse their financial statements, understand key performance indicators, and implement budgeting techniques that maximise profitability. This enabled them to make informed decisions, reduce unnecessary expenses, and invest wisely in their farm's growth.
  • Operational Efficiency: FOA's workshops and mentoring sessions introduced the Grosser’s to modern farming techniques and technologies that significantly improved their operational efficiency. From precision agriculture to sustainable farming practices, they were able to increase yield, reduce waste, and minimise their environmental impact. This not only boosted their productivity but also aligned with their values of responsible and sustainable farming.
  • Mindset Shift: Perhaps one of the most profound impacts of their FOA experience was the shift in mindset Hayley and Martin experienced. The Grossers moved from a state of uncertainty and reactivity to one of confidence and proactive growth. FOA's emphasis on personal development, goal setting, and overcoming limiting beliefs empowered them to envision a bigger future for their farm and take bold steps towards achieving it. And the proof is in the pudding!
  • Community and Support: The sense of community within FOA played a crucial role in their journey. Networking with other farmers, sharing experiences, and accessing a support system of like-minded individuals provided both inspiration and practical advice. This community aspect fostered a collaborative environment where learning and growth were celebrated and supported, further accelerating their progress. 

The Results 

Today, MHG Farming Enterprises is an inspiring example of what can be achieved with the right guidance, education, and community support. The Grosser’s have successfully expanded their land, diversified their operations, and significantly increased their profitability.  
Beyond the tangible business success, they've also found a greater sense of purpose, balance, and fulfilment in their farming life. Their success in farming over the past decade is deeply impressive, and their contribution to our community and industry is a real stand-out.  
You can listen to Hayley & Martin Grosser’s full interview with FOA Managing Director, Jeremy Hutchings on the Profitable Farmer Podcast here or search for Episode 132 - Member Success Story, Martin & Hayley Grosser wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

Have a great day. 
Andrew Roberts and the Farm Owners Academy Team 

P.S. Hayley & Martin Grosser achieved these results by joining the Farm Owners Academy ‘Platinum Mastermind’ Program. To find out if this program may be right for you, or to ask any questions, please contact us on 0447 184 167 or click here.

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