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Easy to Do, Easy Not to Do… above the line below the line decision-making kpis mindset performance metrics personal development profitability the slight edge top producers program workflow optimisation Apr 18, 2024

Your current results in life & business are the culmination of the simple disciplines and habits you have curated up to this point…  

…if you are not happy with your results then it’s time to drill into your habits, let me explain.  

The first time I...

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Navigating the Dip: Transform Your Farming Business benchmarking business growth data analysis decision-making farm efficiency farm expansion financial planning infrastructure management investment strategies kpis off-farm investments performance metrics profitability resource allocation scalability strategic scaling top producers wealth creation workflow optimisation Mar 27, 2024

To ascend to the next level in your business, one must often brave the dip - a temporary decline in short-term revenue or profit for the promise of long-term growth and prosperity. 

Investing strategically during these dips can be the catalyst for exponential growth. Consider allocating...

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5 Essential Tips to Enhance Your Budgeting and Forecasting Process benchmarking budgeting data analysis decision-making farm accounting financial analysis financial literacy kpis performance metrics profitability Mar 01, 2024

Rather than creating and maintaining a budget, think of it more as ‘forecasting your business model’. It isn't just about your bank account; it's a powerful tool for managing cash flow and gaining financial clarity. Additionally, it serves as a decision-making aid...

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