A short course designed for busy farm owners and managers to help reduce the overwhelming workload and time management struggles you encounter daily, and increase your productivity and results.




The top 20% of farm owners don’t work harder, they just work on different priorities.

We understand that finding reliable help on the farm can be a daunting task, and managing everything alone can lead to intense stress and burnout. This course, led by our Co-Founder Andrew Roberts, a seasoned expert in both farming and business, is designed to transform the way you approach your daily tasks​​. 

By enrolling in this course, you'll learn effective strategies to:
  • Prioritise tasks and manage your time more efficiently​​
  • Develop a clear, actionable plan to enhance your (and your team’s) productivity​​
  • Implement successful farm management techniques used by the top 20% of farm owners​​
As part of this Course you’ll also receive:
  • A strategic planner (to plan out your next 10 years, 3 years and 12 months)
  • Weekly and daily planning templates (to work out your highest priorities)
  • Quarter planning templates (to help you set projects each quarter, then break them down into smaller chunks which will ensure you have a higher probability of getting things done)
  • A ‘stop-doing list’ (to see where you are wasting time)
  • A net worth calculator (what you measure will grow, so this allows you to record your wealth monthly)

The course also includes a Complimentary Coaching Call (valued at $997) with one of our experienced agricultural business coaches, further tailoring the experience to your specific needs​​.

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  • You run a farm or a business in Agriculture
  • ​You value your time and want to use it better
  • You frequently feel overwhelmed by your workload, know you can be more productive and get better results, but aren’t sure where to start
  • You have an open mind and want to learn from farm business specialists
  • ​You want to help someone you live or work with reduce their stress and overwhelm


  •  New strategies to manage your time better and increase your productivity - every day!
  • Clear goals for your next quarter, year and longer, that are actually achievable
  • A changed perspective on how to run your day-to-day which will strengthen your mindset and your farm’s future
  • Remove everyday stress and learn how to prioritise your tasks to avoid overwhelm and burnout
  • Learn where you can improve and what to do next to continue being productive, and help those around you do the same
  • A free strategic planning session with our experienced farm coaches, tailored to your specific needs, with one-on-one support and guidance
Unlock Your Potential Today


This short course can be done entirely at your own pace, in your own time. 

Delivered in a series of short videos, you can watch or listen to the course content from anywhere, at any time. You can even do it from your header, tractor or ute!

You’ll also receive, in an easy downloadable format, our tried-and-tested templates including our strategic planner, daily, weekly and quarterly planning templates, a ‘stop-doing’ list, and a net worth calculator.

When you purchase the Course, you’ll also receive an invitation for a Complimentary Coaching Call (valued at $997) with one of our experienced agricultural business coaches, further tailoring the experience to your specific needs​​.

 In this session, we’ll work with you to:

  • Overcome current obstacles in your farming business
  • Answer any questions or challenges you may have on the course content
  • Consult with an experienced coach to help you make decisions and move forward
  • Leave with a customised actionable plan
  • Plus, an Organisational Checkup Report to show the current areas of strength and weakness in your business

Take the first step towards becoming a more organized, efficient, and successful farm owner. 

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