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Know Your Numbers & Become A Stronger, More Profitable Farm Owner

Australia's Leading Financial Literacy Course For Farm Owners
Get Instant Access To A Simple, Proven Framework That Has Helped Hundreds Of Farm Owners 'Get Confidence In Their Numbers' & Profit More
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“This is the stuff you didn't learn at school, your accountant doesn't teach you...and your agronomist doesn't know”

Greg Johnsson
Farm Owners Academy Co-Founder

Investing In The Farm Financial Framework Will Help You Move From…

Feeling Like You’re Winging It… 

  • Working longer and harder but never really getting ahead financially 
  • Falling victim to things you can’t control like the weather, commodity prices, and other family members decisions
  • Wrestling with the banks
  • Suffering inconsistent cashflow and struggling to make ends meet
  • Constantly wondering if this year will be the year you’ll lose the farm 
  • Paying yourself last (if at all) and making sacrifices year after year 

To Confidence &

  • More money to enjoy your life and survive the hard seasons
  • More time to spend off the farm with friends and family, doing the things you love
  • More confidence to KNOW (not just hope) that you’re building a strong farming legacy
  • Pay yourself first and get a fair reward for the risk you take each year
  • Knowing more about your business finances than your accountant or bank manager

This is an easy-to-understand, no jargon, no B.S. self-paced online training program that will teach you the skills you need to manage your farm finances and remove your reliance on consultants.

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“We found the FFF training really informative. The way Greg explains the content was very easy to comprehend. We thought one of the best features was Greg's targets for the KPI's and how those ratio's led to different outcomes for the business. Inspired by the training we are just getting organised to submit our financials for the Farm Financial Benchmark.”

Andrew Turner