Episode 132 - Member Success Story, Martin & Hayley Grosser

As the finish line to another calendar year arrives, I cherish the opportunity to share the stories of some of our incredible community members - to celebrate their success in all they do as business owners and farmers.


Martin & Hayley Grosser own and operate MHG Farming Enterprises, a mixed sheep and dryland cropping operation at Kaniva in Victoria’s Western Wimmera. Their success in farming over the past 10 years, to say the least, is deeply impressive.


From a standing start to over 5,000 acres under management, Martin & Hayley have been stand-out members and incredible contributors to the Farm Owners Academy community.


In this interview, we share their story and reflect and celebrate:


  • the courage they have shown to scale in today’s climate successfully;
  • their ability to back themselves and make bold growth decisions;
  • the importance of strong financial acumen AND a positive money mindset;
  • the value of benchmarking and regular farm performance analysis;
  • the power of a concise strategic plan and feeling aligned as a family and on-farm team; and
  • the confidence that strong mentors, coaches and community can play in supporting your success.


Whilst very different in personality, I am always so impressed by the love and strength shared between Hayley & Marty. They truly make a fantastic team.


Marty & Hayley, congratulations on your success over the last 5 years, for your courage, optimism and determination. You deserve all the success that comes your way.


Your comments in this podcast are worthy of bottling and will offer genuine inspiration to so many husband & wife farm teams across our industry.


Thank you for your openness and reflecting with me on your journey.


We value you greatly and cannot wait to see what the future brings as you build from the incredible farming platform and leadership capability you have created.


Congratulations, and thank you.


To your success, 


Hutch & Team