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If your business or community is adding real value to farming families, then we want to hear from YOU!

 On a personal and professional level, we feel deeply proud that FOA now operate as leaders in business education and coaching for farming families, across Australia and beyond.

Serving several hundred farming families across our various programs, our team are passionate about and dedicated to helping farm business owners improve profit, take more control and enjoy more freedom in their farm business & life.

While our independence is important to us, we want you to know we are open to collaborating with other institutions / organisations & teams serving farming families and pursuing similar visions. We appreciate that it takes a great community and ecosystem to create lasting change and believe that together we can be better, and enhance our respective contribution to our great industry.


"In today’s complex world, farmers are faced with the challenges of compliance, finance, and other demands. The training and support FOA supply their members enables them to navigate these undertakings with ease.
We love working with both the FOA and their members and hope to continue the relationship for a long time to come.

The FOA family are highly knowledgeable on the topic of “business of farming” and for that reason, rank them amongst our top clients."

Jeff McDonald
Executive Director, RLS Agribusiness

"Collaborating with FOA has been transformative for our farming families. FOA's invaluable resources and expertise have empowered our clients to navigate the complexities of agricultural business ownership with confidence and clarity. Their tailored approach to coaching, education and support ensures that our joint clients have access to the tools and knowledge needed to grow and thrive as businesses."

Tony Catt
Director, Catapult Wealth

"Our collaboration has proven to be a game-changer for all our farming members. we’ve seen first hand how FOA has enabled our farmers to be consistently profitable due to FOA's wealth of resources and specialised knowledge, equipping them with the confidence and clarity to navigate the intricate landscape of agricultural business ownership and generational succession."

Terry Tran
CEO and Founder of The Freedom Trader

Here are some ideas on how we might achieve this together:

  • We interview you on our podcast (value $2,500);
  • You interview us on your podcast;
  • You promote our FREE annual Business Mastery Series to your community, 3 complimentary webinars annually focusing on knowing your numbers, being more resilient and aligning farm & family teams (value $2,400);
  • You host a table of your clients / members at one of our 2 Day TOP Producers Workshops (hosted February & June each year) (value $3,500 for 10 tickets);
  • You offer to sponsor our event series or online educational events (value to be agreed);
  • We offer complimentary coaching calls to your client / member community (at no cost to you) - (value $997 per meeting)
  • We deliver some tailored training & mentoring to your community.

In addition to the above, we will welcome any other ideas you might have, and we are open to discussing these with you.


“We have gained so much clarity around what we want to achieve, it has allowed us to step outside of the business and look in, & has provided us with the tools to support our farm going forward. Our sights are set way past what we thought was ever possible."


"The main point of this is setting up your business so that you have the freedom to go and do what you want when you want. The future is looking good, we have confidence with what we’re doing and where we’re going and the numbers behind that to support it"


“It has honestly changed our life and it will change our future generations life. I know that if we implement the strategies that we have learnt through Farm Owners Academy, follow the process, have our goals in place that we will achieve them and go beyond.”


The premier farm business education & coaching provider

Farm business coaching for growth minded farming families building capability, not reliance.

Farm Owners Academy is run by farm based entrepreneurs for farm based entrepreneurs - the recognised leaders in Farm Business Education & Coaching. For over 40 years Farm Owners Academy’s leaders have helped farmers create more profit, more control & more freedom in their farm business and reconnect with the life that they went into farming for.


Our Community

  • Our podcast reaches over 16,000 people each release, with over 180K annual downloads;
  • We have over 20,000 on our database and over 18,000 following us on socials;
  • Over 600 farmers are part of our client community each year;
  • Our benchmarking team analyse over 150 businesses annually;
  • Our Members are responsible for over 2.4 billion dollars of assets; and
  • We are proud of our growing community of dedicated program Alumni.

So we can together explore opportunities please complete the form below to get things underway, and we'll be in touch to connect.

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