What Is Your Highest Priority?

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I'm currently in Perth, taking part in a meditation retreat.


During a break, I had a chat with the teacher and asked, "How do you balance it all - running a successful business, maintaining a great family life, and staying content?"


His response was pretty impactful.


He suggested that it all boils down to how we prioritise things.


Whatever holds the top spot in our priority list gets the most attention and wins out. If making money is your highest priority, then that's what will dominate.


He recommended a rearrangement of our priorities like this:


Priority 1: The relationship with yourself. This should be our top priority because being true to ourselves sets the foundation for everything else to fall into place. Our coach, Tracy Secombe, calls this "Soul pleasing." I've experienced it over the years – when I feel grounded and connected, I'm a better partner, parent, and the business seems to take care of itself. Meditation, yoga, breathwork, time in nature, and personal time can be helpful tools here.


Priority 2: The relationship with your partner. We need to actively prioritise and work on this relationship. Kids grow up, and money comes and goes, but we're in this relationship for a significant part of our lives, so let's make it the best it can be.


Priority 3: The relationship with our kids and friends.


Priority 4: Business, career, and making money. What's interesting about this list is that in the past, I'd put business as my top priority, and other aspects of my life suffered. Now, with this reordered list, I can see how everything can fall into place.


I've been guilty of putting 'me' at the bottom of the list, and that's when burnout and health issues tend to creep in, affecting everything else.


 Andrew Roberts & The Farm Owners Academy Team

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