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embracing life finding purpose happiness inspirational story joy letting go living in the moment overcoming adversity simplicity Feb 08, 2024

While I was in Perth on a retreat, I met a guy from Finland.  I couldn’t pronounce his name, so because he was from Finland, I called him ‘Finny’ (so Australian isn’t it)

Finny fascinated me.

He is the happiest guy I have ever met.

He was full of life and laughter and it was really enjoyable hanging out with him.  Every day we would sneak off (in between retreat sessions) for an adventure around Perth, and I found myself laughing and really enjoying life.

Finny’s back story was fascinating:

His father was an alcoholic, and died crossing the road while drunk (he was only 52), and his mother suicided.

Finny doesn’t have a home or a family. 

He is a 37-year-old single guy without kids.

About 5 years ago, he launched an online business (selling backpacks) and made about a million bucks in 9 months (enough money for him to enjoy life for about 6 years). 

Because of his life circumstances, he felt that money and building a big business just wasn’t important, so he shut the business down and cashed out. 

He gave away all his belongings, and the only thing he owns is a backpack and enough clothes to last a week.

The last 5 years, he has followed his heart and gone where his intuition has guided him (and he was attracted to the same meditation retreat that I went to hence how we met).

When Finny shared his back story, I found myself feeling sorry for him.

  • No parents to go home to
  • No wife or kids
  • No home
  • No job or income for the future
  • No assets, no superannuation
  • Enough money left to see out about 6 more months

But when I asked him if he felt sad – he replied, ‘Not at all’.

He had this magical ability to not think about the past, not think about the future, and just live in the moment.

I asked him what he was going to do when he eventually ran out of money, and he told me he really wanted to clean houses so he could be service to other people. 

I asked him what was important to him, and he told me to live a life full of joy, playfulness, love and being able to serve and help other people.  

His presence, his joy and his love of life really touched me. I also saw how a person can have little attachments in life - and how to live a very happy and content one.  And that living simply without ‘stuff’ means you have nothing to lose.

Finny would welcome a partner and one day kids, but he isn’t attached to it. 

As he says, ‘If it happens it happens, and if it doesn’t then that is ok’. He is not out there looking for it (something tells me all of this will fall into place for him soon, but I could tell that he really didn’t care).

I feel privileged to meet such a wonderful and kind human. Finny’s story was a teacher for me about living simply and not being attached to what has happened in the past or caught up worrying about my future.

I hope you have a great week.

Andrew Roberts and the Farm Owners Academy Team

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