If it is to Be, it is Up to Me

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If it is to Be, it is Up to Me

Running a farm business is a challenging and rewarding game. 


But at times it can feel like there is just so much coming at you that overwhelm sets in… 


Just figuring out what the next move should be or where to start can feel like a huge mountain to climb. 


The reality right now for many farm business owners is that they are feeling real pressure in their business. 


With commodity prices returning significantly from all-time highs, interest rates rising from all-time lows and input prices climbing (in many cases faster than inflation), PLUS some challenging seasonal conditions, the landscape is quite different to 18 months ago. 


When times get tough it can be natural to look for the magic bullet… 


The consultant who has the answer… 


The new tech or fad that will solve all your problems… 


The accountant to tell you how your business is going… 


The new bank who will extend you more credit… 


But, when the going gets tough the Top Producers take action. 


They aren’t looking for someone else to solve their problems, they take on the responsibility themselves and focus on what they CAN control. 


They have confidence in their ability to navigate any situation and equip themselves with the skills and tools to understand their current reality and move forward intelligently from their current position. 


They invest in their skills and learning which gives them the confidence to navigate the challenges they have in front of them. 


At Farm Owners Academy our mission is to empower farm owners with the skills they need to be self-reliant and confident business owners. Our members know they have the skills and power to change their current reality and achieve everything they want in their lives and business.  
To make a start on this, join us at our next free webinar - Surviving & Thriving in The Current Trading Environment – click here for more information or to register. 


It is true that the best businesses are made in the toughest times. 


When things feel challenging the Top Producers see this as an opportunity to learn & grow… to enhance their business.  


They use the challenge as an opportunity to stress test their business model, take advantage of opportunities and emerge stronger and more resilient. 


So, when the going gets tough, will you look for someone else to solve your problems or will you back yourself to navigate the challenges in front of you? 


Sometimes your greatest success is only 3 degrees to the left or right of where you are currently looking. 


The Top Producers realise that you don’t gain this perspective by working harder.  


This clarity comes by working smarter and on the right things. By being proactive and saying, “For things to change first I must change.” 


The work you do in the office as a farm business owner when times are tough is some of the most important (and profitable) work you can do.  


Being reactive in challenging times takes the control out of your hands and enhances your reliance on others. 


As Jim Rohn said, “Don’t wish that things were easier, wish that you were better.” 


If you are interested in taking your skills and confidence as a farm owner to the next level, then book a Complimentary Coaching Call with a Farm Owners Academy Coach. 


During the call we will understand more about your farm business, your current challenges & opportunities and help you identify a pathway forward to equip yourself as a farm business owner to have the confidence to handle any situation. Click here to book your call today. 


You’ve got this!






Sam Johnsson and the Farm Owners Academy Team 

CEO - Farm Owners Academy 

If it is to Be, it is Up to Me

Jun 27, 2024

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