How to stop worrying

worry Feb 01, 2024

Ever find yourself caught up in worry? 
Worry is tethered to thought. Without thought, worry loses its grip. It's not a tangible reality but a projection of the mind, making something in the future seem real. 
Thoughts about the future exist solely in your imagination and are best not dwelled upon too intensely. 
I used to be a chronic worrier. 
A decade ago, my concerns included: 

  • What if I run out of money? 
  • What if I never find a life partner or have kids?  
  • What if my parents pass away? 
  • What if everything fails, and I become a laughingstock? 
  • An endless loop of "what ifs" that used to drive me crazy. 

Interestingly, the things that consumed my thoughts back then are now trivial (and hardly any of them actually materialised). Ask yourself, "What was I worrying about 10 years ago?" And ponder how many of those concerns manifested or were genuinely worth the mental strain. 
Here are some tools to help you kick the worry habit: 
Heighten Awareness: Simply being aware when you're worrying can be a game-changer. 
Catch It Early: Early recognition allows you to halt the worry train. 
Embrace, Don't Resist: Smile at your worries, welcome them, thank them for trying to keep you safe, but kindly ask them to leave. Resistance only makes them persist. 
Gratitude and Dismissal: Thank your worries but dismiss them with a phrase like, 'Thanks for looking after me, but you're not welcome here.' 
Let It Go: Drain the energy from your worries, shift your focus to the present, and realise that much of it exists only in your mind. 
Journaling: Dump your worries into a journal, acknowledge them, and then let them go. 
Mindfulness Practices: Breathwork, meditation, yoga, and exercise ground you, pulling you out of your head and back into your body. 
Seek Expert Help: If the above tools don't suffice, consult with an expert—be it a coach, therapist, or someone who maintains a worry-free mindset.

If you're curious to try this out, book a free session with one of our coaches.
Additionally, conduct a reality check on your lifestyle: Excessive alcohol, drug use, and constant phone use can affect serotonin and dopamine levels, leading to unnecessary worries. If you're struggling with addiction, seeking help is perfectly okay. 
Lastly, be cautious with "Hope": Instead of hoping for a specific outcome, embrace your current reality. Finding peace of mind is possible in any situation if you accept it. 
Looking forward to catching up soon, 
Andrew Roberts and The Farm Owners Academy Team  
P.S. Remember, a day of worry is more exhausting than a week of hard work.  
P.P.S. Letting go of preconceived notions about how your life should be allows it to organically become what you've been striving for.

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