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The Big Secret Rich Farm Owners Know (and Average Farm Owners Don’t) Aug 12, 2021

An insider secret rich farm owners know that the rest of us don’t?

Focussing on cutting costs in your farm business is probably keeping you broke. 


Okay, maybe its not keeping...

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Why Most Farm Owners are Wealthy on Paper But Not Rich in Their Bank Accounts… Aug 05, 2021

When I ask you to picture the wealthiest 1% in the world, who comes to mind? 

Jeff Bezos?

Gina Rinehart?

Bill Gates?

What if I told you that YOU are part of that elite group? 

Even if it sounds completely insane, it may very likely be true!

Many of the farm owners we know fit the...

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The 5 Stages of Burnout...and How to Get Out of Each One Jul 29, 2021

Quick check-in: 

Are you tired? 

Feeling unmotivated? 

Getting angry and snapping at your partner, kids, or farmhand? 

Suffering from headaches, stomachaches, or intestinal issues? 

Generally not feeling a sense of purpose or accomplishment on the farm?

If you answered...

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Every Farmer Avoids This...and It Costs Them Everything. Jul 22, 2021


^^ This is a countdown to the day you hang up your Akubra for the last time and head to the great farm in the sky.

Okay, maybe not the exact day.

But the reality is, all of us have a countdown timer like this…we just don’t spend much time...

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The ONE Thing That Helped Greg 4x His Turnover and 3x His Profits Jul 15, 2021

Sometimes the smallest things in business produce the biggest results. 

Quick history lesson:

Back in 2013
, Farm Owners Academy co-founder Greg owned a vet business that was turning over $750K per year, $150K of which was profit.

Not bad, right?

But to make that money, he...

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The 4 Biggest Tax Mistakes That Cost Farmers Thousands Jul 07, 2021

Ahh, that blissful feeling of finishing your year-end financials. 

You’ve totaled the bank balances.

Listed your income and expenses.

Painstakingly answered the 101 questions from your accountant.

And even though you’re breathing a sigh of relief because you’re finished...

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The 3 steps to growing your farm without you being there Dec 16, 2019

Imagine for a minute that you’re a dentist and you own a one-person business…


You genuinely love what you do.


You spend your days cleaning the teeth of your patients.


Your schedule is jam-packed and you feel a real sense of accomplishment after a hard day’s...

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The Best Ways to Grow Your Wealth... Safely Dec 16, 2019

Farming is inconsistent. 


Some years, you make money…others you don’t. 


The theory goes, out of every six years, you’ll make money in four of those years and you’ll lose money in two of them. It’s all part of the game.


That’s why...

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6 steps to take you from family farm to well-run business Nov 18, 2019

If you ask me, it’s an absolute waste of time…

…to try and manage things you can’t control.

No matter how hard you work, you’ll never be able to control the weather, your family’s actions, or interest rates at the bank. So I’d rather help you focus...

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How to reduce your biggest cost on the farm Nov 18, 2019

Are you wasting time without even knowing it?


Years ago, when I lived in Brisbane, I got up at 4:30 in the morning. I woke up before the sun so I could meet a mate of mine and train with him at the gym.


After six months of doing this, I happened to mention to him the route I took...

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Decision making - wing it or win it? Nov 18, 2019

When most farmers make decisions, they wing it.


They don’t have any tools or systems to help them decide whether something is a good financial decision or a bad one.


…Which leads to bad decisions that cause big problems like:

  • Unnecessary spending
  • Constrained progress...
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