Episode 126 – Another great Human of Agriculture, Oli Le Lievre

Episode #126

Farmers can be a humble bunch, perhaps in part a function of a certain ‘tall poppy syndrome’ that exists across our landscape. As a result, as well as the fact that most of us are production-focused and not necessarily marketing-trained, we are not always great at telling our unique stories or promoting our own business ‘brand.’


Taking this further, globally, there seems to be an ever-increasing gap and misunderstanding between the food consumer and the farmer producer.


Simply, there are so many great Australian agricultural stories that need to be shared and so many good things happening in our industry that our food-consuming society needs to hear, understand, and appreciate.


Farmers, if we don’t tell our story, someone else will be…


In this episode, I am pleased to spend time with the Founder of Humans of Agriculture, Oli Le Lievre. Oli & his team are dedicated to bridging this gap and walking alongside people in our industry to help them uncover and share their unique stories.


Personally, I feel this is important work on so many levels. I commend Oli & his team for their endeavour, commitment and pioneering.


Whilst a new and emerging project for our industry, it is my prediction that the Humans of Agriculture movement will make an impact of significance for farming families, for food supply chains and in enhancing both awareness and appreciation for the good work we all do in helping to ‘feed the world.’


For our listeners, who do you have around you helping to uncover your uniqueness – as a business, family, employer and contributor?




Well done, Oli. Keep up the great work, and thank you for all you do!


Keep making great stories.