Profitable Farmer

Profitable Farmer

Hosted by: Farm Owners Academy

This show is all about increasing the profitability of your farm so you work smarter and not harder. Your host, Jeremy Hutchings (CEO of Farm Owners Academy), reveals the best farming business tips for more leverage...

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Episode 135 - What does it take to be great? Lesson from world champion Anna Meares

When people succeed at the highest level, often all we see of them is their endeavour and their achievement.   We never really get to hear of the challenge, the hardship or the immense struggle that is behind the...
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Episode 134 - What is my purpose in life?

Throughout our lives, and often at this time of year, we can find ourselves reflecting and asking important questions like;   Why am I here? What am I doing this for? What is it that is my purpose in life? What do I...
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Episode 133 - Making a farm completely professional, Sam & Carla Armytage

As farm business owners, we can often be operating at intense and unsustainable levels for extended periods of time. Many times, the farm comes first, and so many other important things take the back seat. Our farms...
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Episode 132 - Member Success Story, Martin & Hayley Grosser

As the finish line to another calendar year arrives, I cherish the opportunity to share the stories of some of our incredible community members - to celebrate their success in all they do as business owners and...
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Episode 131 - The Missing Link in Life - Your Breath

Episode #131

We can survive 3 weeks without food...   3 days without water…   But only 3 minutes without breathing.   As for parenting, our body, mind and many other critical life functions, we have never been taught HOW TO...
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Episode 130 - Red Meat Price Collapse - what the hell happened?!

Episode #130

Leadership is about giving those around you certainty.    Making strong predictions based on quality information and taking proactive action in tough times is a hallmark of strong leadership.   Many Aussie farmers...
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Episode 129 - Beating farm suicide and lifting rural communities – the Active Farmers Story

Episode #129

At Farm Owners Academy, we are big believers that our mental well-being is closely linked to our physical health AND positive social interactions.    I am delighted to interview Active Farmer Founder and Director...
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Episode 128 - Perhaps Being TOUGH Isn’t It

Episode #128

One of the best bits about being part of Farm Owners Academy is the life-long friendships we see being fostered across our incredible and growing community.   One of the greatest privileges of being a Coach is...
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Episode 127 - Succession or just good business?

Episode #127

Often, it is my observation that succession is made to be a bigger and more complex issue than it needs to be. Often, in my opinion, good business practice applied to family business can be the key to aligning a...
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Episode 126 – Another great Human of Agriculture, Oli Le Lievre

Episode #126

Farmers can be a humble bunch, perhaps in part a function of a certain ‘tall poppy syndrome’ that exists across our landscape. As a result, as well as the fact that most of us are production-focused and not...
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Episode 125 – What’s Going On In Our World?

Episode #125

We find ourselves in an economic environment very different to 12 months ago - now characterised by high inflation, rising interest rates and an uplift in unemployment in most of our trading nations across the...
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Episode 124 - What does it take to SCALE?

Episode #124

What does moving from a ‘start-up’ to ‘significance’ as an entrepreneur take? Let’s find out. In this episode, I am delighted to reconnect with my past business coaching client, now successful entrepreneur Steven...
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