Profitable Farmer

Profitable Farmer

Hosted by: Farm Owners Academy

This show is all about increasing the profitability of your farm so you work smarter and not harder. Your host, Jeremy Hutchings (CEO of Farm Owners Academy), reveals the best farming business tips for more leverage...

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Episode 123 - Life Lessons from Aussie Icon Trevor Hendy

Episode #123

You don’t achieve greatness without first being a very special individual.   In this episode, I am pleased to introduce to you Aussie sporting icon Trevor Hendy, renowned as the greatest ironman on earth.   A former...
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Episode 122 - The SafeAg Systems Story, with Founder Katy Landt

Episode #122

We all now know that safety on-farm is an important issue. We also know that most farm businesses have more to do in this area, and it is pleasing to see so many farming families prioritising farm safety as a core...
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Episode 121- A Global Perspective on Grains

Episode #121

I have always been intrigued by Rabobank as a business.   A 120-year-old Dutch cooperative founded by farmers for farmers, now a global sensation specialising in agribusiness lending from over 1,000 offices across 38...
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Episode 120 - Will your BUSINESS MODEL stack up

Episode #120

For many, the last few years have been unique and positive – resulting from low inflation, low-interest rates, above-average commodity prices and above-average production.   Now, our current reality is very...
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Episode 119 - A MAJOR DREAM REALISED, with Marina Gregor

Episode #119

At Farm Owners Academy, we help farming families create FREEDOM FARMS – that is a highly profitable business with the systems, structures, team AND performance to be able to work without dependence on you! As a team,...
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Episode 118 - The Worlds Largest Look into Farm Succession

Episode #118

In life, we have the opportunity to meet some remarkable people. Those individuals are often quietly determined to serve others and make a meaningful impact.   I met Mike Stephens, Founder, Director and Lead...
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Podcast 117 - Are you Proactive or Reactive in Your Management?

Episode #117

So many farming families I meet feel completely REACTIVE in managing their farms. On so many levels, we often are left feeling like the business is running you, not you it. With all that is going on in a typical week,...
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Episode 116 - Robotic Agriculture is now very much a reality

Episode #116

Technology can be pretty incredible. With its exponential advancement, there is no doubt we are on the cusp of unprecedented change on-farm and across our industry.   Our game is rapidly changing, allowing us to...
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Episode 115 - Thinking like an Investor…

Episode #115

Throughout each year, I value the opportunity to invite our Investment Specialist Terry Tran to join us on Profitable Farmer.   With rising inflation, increasing interest rates, ongoing supply issues and softening...
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Episode 114 - Prioritising BEING WELL

Episode #114

It is so easy in this game to constantly put in massive hours, ensure everyone around you has what they need, and focus intently on getting the job done. An extended finish, a challenging season and ALREADY the urgent...
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Episode 113 - Invest in YOURSELF

Episode #113

So often in this game, we attend only the training put on by the R&D extension agencies or free events by our advisers. So often, we wait for a grant to become available before we commit to a course, or we focus...
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Episode 112 - Back yourself – the Farm Tender story

Episode #112

There are some genuinely impressive Australian stories of entrepreneurial success in our industry — true, unsung, modern examples of courage, initiative, determination and pioneering.   For me, Dwain Duxson and the...
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