Episode 138 - From Rock-Bottom to Sustained Success

Who here has felt real financial duress and overwhelming stress or hardship in this game called farming? I feel this is relevant and real for so many - it isn’t always an easy game to play. 
In this episode, it gives me great pleasure to interview FOA Alumni Members Cassandra & Andrew (Rusty) Kath. 
From start-up to established, from 50 cows to 500 cows, and from financially and personally broken, to a professional and lasting success, the Kathleigh Farms story is now just as much one to watch as it is one to appreciate for their achievement so far. 
Years ago, Andrew & Cassandra found themselves in a destructive share-farming relationship, placing immense pressure on them financially and personally. At rock-bottom, Andrew & Cass dug deep, focusing on themselves and making meaningful change. They made a massive commitment to join the FOA Community, and with grit, learning and determination, have transformed their business and lives.
Over the last 5 years we have seen Kathleigh Farms grow from humble beginnings to being a high-performing and professional farm business. We now see this emerging business with the systems, business model, foundations and team to support continued profitability and sustained growth.
In this interview we explore:

  • The importance of focusing on our MINDSET as farmers. 
  • How scarcity and fear-based thinking can limit us.  
  • Why doing business with people with similar values is so important.
  • How surrounding yourself with good people can be a catalyst for change.
    How making our own growth can change everything for the better. 

We are proud of the resilience, optimism and confidence Andrew & Cassandra both now enjoy, how they have overcome adversity on their journey, and the results they now enjoy. 
In this interview there is mention of Mark Kluwer’s ‘Breath & Breakthrough’ Men’s Retreat and Tracy Secombe’s Soul Pleaser Program – two programs we highly recommend. 
Thank you, Cass & Rusty, for your openness and willingness to share. We feel fortunate to have you such active and generous members of the FOA Community, and such valued members of the FOA Team. 
There are some incredible insights in this – for the first-generation farmer and those feeling real stress and pressure in terms of their reality right now. 
Use this as inspiration that with focus, better thinking and deep determination good things can come. 
Jeremy Hutchings & The Farm Owners Academy Team 

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