Episode 136 - Is My Money Mindset Holding Me Back?

I love the concept that perhaps our subconscious programming is the thing that is holding us back. 


I also like the concept that money is just a tool to give us what we want in life. 


However, I believe that many of us have a SCARCITY or ABUNDANCE mindset toward money. 


I like the idea of visualising money as ‘fun tickets’ to be used and enjoyed for me and others, now and in the future. 


Throughout my journey, I have gotten comfortable with the fact that money:  


  • Is not hard to come by 
  • Is not beyond my control 
  • Is not the ‘root of all evil’ and  
  • that it CAN ‘grow on trees!’ 


How is your mindset toward money serving you? 


In this episode, I call on Investment Specialist and Freedom Trader Terry Tran, to explore: 


  • How his attitude toward money has changed. 
  • Where the previous money mindset he inherited might have taken him. 
  • How to think like an INVESTOR rather than a worker. 
  • His beliefs around and approach to making money and investing now. 
  • What it means to create a truly abundant, fulfilled and wealthy life. 


As a first-generation Aussie who came here as a refugee on a boat as a child, I feel Terry is a true example of how we CAN change our lives by changing our psychology. He has a great insight into what is holding the ‘average Aussie farmer’ back from creating off-farm wealth. 


Terry has a FREE LIVE online training exclusive for our Farm Owners community called ‘How to Create Off-Farm Wealth Consistently and Safely’ on Tuesday the 5th of March. I recommend you make this a priority – register here: https://www.thefreedomtrader.com/farmownersacademy/ 


It is always great to connect with Terry, have him on our podcast, and see him support farming families across our community. 

I hope there is something in this episode of substance for those of you who enjoy it with us. 


Thank you. 


Jeremy Hutchings & The Farm Owners Academy Team 


P.S. - a reminder about Terry’s upcoming webinar ‘How to Create Off-Farm Wealth Consistently and Safely’ - register here: https://www.thefreedomtrader.com/farmownersacademy/ 


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