Episode 135 - What does it take to be great? Lesson from world champion Anna Meares

When people succeed at the highest level, often all we see of them is their endeavour and their achievement.


We never really get to hear of the challenge, the hardship or the immense struggle that is behind the enduring success.


There can be so many lessons relevant to how, as farmers, we can better face the challenges that come our way and overcome adversity and change.


In this episode, I feel deeply privileged to interview Anna Meares – 11-time world champion and the greatest female track cyclist of all time.


Throughout Anna’s sporting career, she achieved:


  • 2 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze over four consecutive Olympics
  • 11 gold, 10 silver, 6 bronze at World Championships
  • 5 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze at Commonwealth Games


Anna also has many titles including the Institute of Sport’s "Best Of The Best" inductee and is a Hall of Fame recipient, flag-bearer and Captain at our 2016 Olympic Games. She is now a 2024 Chef de Mission, coach, mentor and teacher to our current era of Olympian legends...


What impressed me the most about my time with Anna was her courage, grit, strength and sheer determination. With all of this, I am in awe of her humility, her generousness, her vulnerability, and her authenticity.


After an unmatched career as an athlete, Anna now finds joy and fulfilment in her endeavour to stand behind people, be in service and support others to achieve at their highest levels.


So many great lessons for all of us on what it takes to lock in meaningful goals and achieve our best.


Thank you, Anna, you are truly a great Australian.


Jeremy Hutchings & The Farm Owners Academy Team


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