Episode 134 - What is my purpose in life?

Throughout our lives, and often at this time of year, we can find ourselves reflecting and asking important questions like;


  • Why am I here?
  • What am I doing this for?
  • What is it that is my purpose in life?
  • What do I want for my life?
  • How do I want to be remembered?


Over my business journey, I have been lucky enough to study with and learn from one of the great business minds of our time, Marshall Thurber. In his teachings, Marshall emphasises that there are universal laws (laws of nature) that, when applied to our businesses and lives, can offer us so much certainty and confidence and set a robust foundation on which to see our results grow exponentially.


In this episode, and in my attempt to answer these questions, I offer an insight into the Law of Precession - how we can apply it to our lives, how to set down major, definite goals, and make a more meaningful impact as leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs.


The Law of Precession 

Linked with this, I share some lessons learned from one of my favourite books, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill – a read I recommend highly to you.


From these teachings, I believe that we all have the opportunity to tap into a higher universal power if we are open. We all have access to infinite intelligence. This can help us achieve ‘more with less’, experience abundance (over scarcity), and, importantly, make more of an impact with the time we have - in family, community and industry.


I hope you find my ramblings and reflections in this episode valuable. I hope it helps you answer these questions and set compelling goals for your new year. I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback.


To one unsuspecting Farm Owners Academy farmer member… thank you for this question, which prompted this episode.


As we arrive at a new year, I want to thank you for tracking with us and for your loyalty to this podcast. It is a privilege for us to provide it.


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What we can achieve for our families and in our lives can be beyond our comprehension if we learn and apply the generalised principles…!


With gratitude, 

Jeremy Hutchings & the Farm Owners Academy Team