Episode 123 - Life Lessons from Aussie Icon Trevor Hendy

Episode #123

You don’t achieve greatness without first being a very special individual.


In this episode, I am pleased to introduce to you Aussie sporting icon Trevor Hendy, renowned as the greatest ironman on earth.


A former professional athlete having won six Australian Open Ironman titles and four consecutive World Ironman titles, Trevor has become a coach, role model, teacher and mentor to sporting and business elite across Australia and worldwide.


Now a member of the Order of Australia and an inductee into the World Surf Life Saving, Australian Life Saving and Australian Sporting Halls of Fame, Trevor has become as revered as much for the impact he has made to helping people live their best life, as he has as a sporting great.


What I love about Trevor is his openness and his willingness to share his experiences, his successes and challenges, in his heart-filled intention to selflessly serve others and teach those he connects with how to find calmness, contentment, presence, fulfilment and joy in our lives.


In this episode, Trevor reminds us that we are spiritual beings living a human experience.


He shares his tips on how we can pursue our potential, get out of our heads, let go of EGO, remove judgement and comparison, find peace in the moment, and accept and take responsibility for our reality to find more joy and happiness in our busy lives.


He speaks of his experiences of burnout, anxiety and depression and offers up some tips on how to navigate these life challenges and move forward strongly.


It is a privilege to come to know Trevor and to have him now contributing to our community.


This is a conversation that could have lasted for days. It is my hope we can extend on this with a follow-up with Trevor at another time. For now, enjoy this for what it is – an incredible, heartfelt, spiritual conversation.


Thank you to David Westbrook for making this possible and for being part of this conversation.


If open and willing, I encourage you to listen to this 2-3 times - to take the lessons and apply them to your life.


I believe we all have more potential within us and perhaps a bigger game to play. I hope this inspires you to be courageous and responsible in pursuit of your best life.


Thank you, Trevor.


What a truly great Australian.


Keep being incredible.


Hutch & Team