Episode 125 – What’s Going On In Our World?

Episode #125

We find ourselves in an economic environment very different to 12 months ago - now characterised by high inflation, rising interest rates and an uplift in unemployment in most of our trading nations across the globe. 


On the back of a compelling quarterly economic review to our Members, I have invited Terry Tran – Freedom Trader – to join me again to make sense of it all. To give us a no BS take on what is happening in our world, what it means, how to play (as an investor), and to understand where the opportunities (in the investment landscape) lay. 


Terry now predicts a high chance of global recession, resulting from a marked economic slowdown in the USA, Europe and China. This requires us all to think deeply about our business models and our approach to business and investing in the years to come. 


Overnight the US has seen a credit downgrade - it’s first since 2011 following a close call on a debt ceiling default. This follows its 11th consecutive rate rise since March 2022 to a 22-year high, forcing other countries, including Australia, to follow suit to maintain strength in our domestic currency. 


A change in the company regulatory environment and a policy reversal directly impacts foreign investment inflows into China, sparking a slowdown in the Chinese economy. 


And a disparate and fragmented Europe is likely the major trading nation to be most adversely impacted in years to come... 


It’s refreshing to sit with Terry and have him lay it all out for us and offer a view of the globe we can all make some sense of. 


It’s compelling to sit with Terry and explore what this means and where the opportunities are for the proactive and strategic investor. 


While Ted Lasso is telling us to ‘be the goldfish’… Terry recommends we ‘be the whale’. 


Thank you for your brilliance, Terry. 


Enjoy everyone.