Episode 128 - Perhaps Being TOUGH Isn’t It

Episode #128

One of the best bits about being part of Farm Owners Academy is the life-long friendships we see being fostered across our incredible and growing community.


One of the greatest privileges of being a Coach is supporting great people to make meaningful and lasting changes in their personal and business development journeys.


Our members achieve huge amounts in their 3-year Platinum Mastermind journey. Sure, their business profitability grows, their farms expand, their families become more aligned, and they set up teams and more professionally lead their farms.


But what inspires me the most is seeing the personal growth that so many individual members achieve and how this can completely change their lives.


In this episode, I am pleased to introduce you to Peter Moloney, one of our recent Platinum Mastermind graduates. Peter, his wife Kate and their 3 young men own and operate a 50,000 acre property and successful beef operation at Auguthella, north of Charleville in Western Queensland.


In this episode, and from his speech at our recent graduation ceremony in front of 400 people, we learn about Peter’s life-long struggle with dyslexia. We learn how this has limited him, impacted him and challenged his sense of self and mental well-being. We learn how he did all he could for over 40 years of his life to keep this a secret from everyone in his world, ashamed and in fear of being called ‘dumb’ and made ‘look stupid.’


More importantly, in this conversation, we see how – with courage and a commitment to deeper self-work – Peter has shown the courage to be vulnerable about his reality, face his fears, overcome limiting childhood conditioning, let go of ego, realise he had more potential, face head-on all that was holding him back, change some limiting beliefs, create a new and more meaningful personal story and ultimately find a level of peace and happiness he has strived for, for so long.


Peter, I commend you on the strength you have shown through this process and the courage you show now in standing up in front of hundreds and thousands and sharing your story in the hope it might just make a positive difference to someone who might hear it.


You are a good man, Pete. An inspiration. Thank you, and well done.


Here’s to a very bright future full of love and happiness.


In friendship,


Hutch & the Farm Owners Academy team.