Episode 129 - Beating farm suicide and lifting rural communities – the Active Farmers Story

Episode #129

At Farm Owners Academy, we are big believers that our mental well-being is closely linked to our physical health AND positive social interactions. 


I am delighted to interview Active Farmer Founder and Director Ginny Stevens in this episode. Over eight years, Active Farmers has grown from an idea and one weekly fitness class in Mangoplah, NSW, to a significant and important national charity supporting thousands of farmers' physical health and mental well-being across 65 rural communities. 


It is an incredible story, and one Ginny Stevens, her family, and her team can feel immensely proud of. 


Now, with a team of 40 fitness trainers, an operational unit of 6 supported by a compelling board and a long list of sponsors and partners, Active Farmers is poised for its next growth step and the opportunity to make an even greater impact on the resilience of our great industry. 


In this episode, I ask Ginny to share her back story and offer an insight into the Active Farmers journey. 


For me, it is a healthy reminder of the importance of making a stand for what you believe in - finding a meaningful social problem to solve, having the courage to pursue your greatest passion, setting down a selfless and inspiring vision, backing yourself… and then just the sheer grit, persistence and determination needed to create something meaningful.  


When we do these things, the ‘universe’ can conspire in our favour, we attract all the people and resources we need, and the impact we can together have can be beyond our comprehension. 


Ginny, thank you for Active Farmers. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to your cause over 8+ years. Thank you for the genuine impact you and your team are having on the health and well-being of Australian farmers AND the impact you are having on the resilience and vibrancy of our rural communities. 




I look forward to tracking with you and supporting your next chapter across our Australian Farming Landscape. 




Hutch & the FOA Team