Episode 130 - Red Meat Price Collapse - what the hell happened?!

Episode #130

Leadership is about giving those around you certainty. 


Making strong predictions based on quality information and taking proactive action in tough times is a hallmark of strong leadership.


Many Aussie farmers have experienced a marked drop in meat prices in recent months, impacting their realities and outlook significantly.


As in Episode 121 with Grain & Oilseeds Lead Analyst - Stefan Vogel, I once again call on the elite Rabobank Research team and Senior Analyst – Animal Proteins Angus Gidley-Baird to help us understand what has happened and what to expect in the red meat markets in the near to medium term.


In addition, I call on the experience of Farm Owners Academy Co-founder and Director Greg Johnsson to offer his insights on this important topic and some guidance on where we need to focus as farmers to best navigate this period in our industry strongly and strategically.


In this episode, Angus, Greg & I explore:


  • what has happened;
  • why it has happened;
  • recent supply chain dynamics;
  • consumption trends, locally and globally;
  • how this will impact us;
  • meat price predictions; and
  • where we should be focusing as farmers.


It is time to focus on what we can control, accept what we cannot, and be proactive in challenging our business models, our production costs, and their suitability for what lies ahead.


We need to be right on top of our budgets and cashflows and proactive in our conversations with suppliers, clients and financiers.


I hope insights from this interview support you to make clear predictions, take decisive action and look for the opportunities available to us all at this time.


All the best, and sincerely,


Hutch & Team