Episode 131 - The Missing Link in Life - Your Breath

Episode #131

We can survive 3 weeks without food...


3 days without water…


But only 3 minutes without breathing.


As for parenting, our body, mind and many other critical life functions, we have never been taught HOW TO BREATHE.


As a result, and over time, most of us are immensely inefficient with our breathing, leading us to a long list of health conditions that keep us from living our best lives.


In this episode, I speak with my wonderful wife, mother of four, high-performance physiotherapist, and now breathing re-training specialist, Jane Hutchings -  to explore the importance of LEARNING TO BREATHE WELL.


Anxiety, stress, depression, asthma, hay fever, insomnia, sleep apnoea, restless legs, snoring, excess sweating, brain fog, mental fatigue and burnout are just some of the conditions we face when we breathe poorly.


Rather than medication or physical interventions, focusing on learning to breathe properly can see all these health challenges vastly improved and even overcome for any or all of us.


With a 25-year+ high-performance physiotherapy career, 6 years of focused training & research, Founder - Mint Condition Breathing Retraining, and facilitator of a proven short course now available to everyone, I find it incredible the results Jane is achieving with boys & girls and men & women of all ages across Australia and beyond.


I see so many farmers struggling to sleep well. I see so many farmers fatigued by the stress and pressure of this game we choose to play. I also see so many in our families challenged by hay fever, asthma and related respiratory conditions.


For more information on Jane and her programs, go here: www.mintcond.com.au


Jane & I truly believe that breathing well is the essential piece that links a commitment to fitness, mindset, diet, learning, entrepreneurship… and achieving a balanced, healthy, high-quality life.


Jane, congratulations on the difference you make to so many.


We are very proud of you.


Jeremy & the Farm Owners Academy team