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(Additional ticket cost $200 each)
Join us in-person, or virtually via livestream, for the 2-Day Workshop in the Sunshine Coast Convention Centre.

The Program is delivered by the Farm Owners Academy Leadership Team who have a combined 80+ years of proven experience in helping Australian farmers create more profit, more control, and more freedom.
 DAY 1: 
You will understand the foundations that underpin a successful Farm, including clarity
on where you are going, time management skills and financial skills to help you succeed
Learn to TRANSFORM your current business into a well-oiled machine that gives you control which will minimise chaos and stress
Implement a system to run your business, so you get things done and keep moving forward
 DAY 2: 
You will get skills to find more confidence and belief in yourself and build a great team
around you to help you grow.
Learn to optimise your current business for maximum profitability
Understand how to use leverage to scale your current operation (including ideas on leasing and buying more land, when and how to scale)
Learn to propel your business and also build off-farm wealth
Key insights and strategies for succession planning considerations
  As part of your ticket price you’ll receive two tickets (for two attendees), workbooks and all food for the two days.  
(Additional ticket cost $200 each)
   “I was pretty sceptical… but it’s really about how you can improve the business and decision making, and being in control of what’s happening. We’re good at producing but not so much the business side, and I think that’s an area we can now maximise and improve.”   
   “We’re technical farmers but not business owners so much, and we’ve realised this is more important now. We’ve learned how to run a profitable business which we’re hoping will make us money so we can keep doing what we love - which is farming.”   
  “We really enjoyed the practical applications of the tools provided. There’s so much we can take home and implement. We’re in the process of succession planning at the moment but having the structure around that will be really helpful for our family. Get off your farm and do it!”  
  “I was surprised that there’s lots of people in the room going through the same problems we’re going through, I thought it was just us. I want to take these learnings back and implement them - I want to be the Top 1%! I’m going to look back in 1 year, 3 years and 10 years and see this as the turning point for us.”  
  “The whole program has really opened my eyes… it’s exciting what lays ahead. We now want to expand and get the foundations right, so that 2, 3, 5 years down the track we can be telling a story like some of the other farmers here! The presentation has been fantastic and I can’t rate it high enough. It’s worth every minute of the time you’re here.”  
(Additional ticket cost $200 each)
 How do you know this will work on my farm?
We have been testing this system for the past 35 years and have successfully increased the profitability of all types of farms (sheep, cattle, cropping, dairy, mixed).

Our results speak for themselves, but if you are still not convinced we will happily refund your tickets (speak to us before the end of day 1).
 What if I decide this event is not for me?
We have a ‘No Risk’ Guarantee! In the unlikely event that you cannot see this working on your farm, speak to us before the end of day 1 and we will gladly arrange a full refund of your tickets.
 Should I bring my business partner along?
Should I bring my business partner along? Yes, we encourage you to bring along decision makers within your business i.e. spouse, business partners, farm manager, etc. Additional tickets (outside of the two you’ll receive with your purchase) are available at a heavily discounted rate of just $200 each.
 Is this event targeted to a particular type of farm?
No, our event covers all types of farming.
 What if I buy a ticket and cannot attend the event?
A credit to future events may be considered and will be assessed on an individual basis. All requests should be sent to support@farmownersacademy.com.
 Is food supplied during the event?
Yes, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are all included within the ticket price.
Have another questions?
We're here to help answer any questions you have in making sure the TOP Producers Workshop is right for you.
Farm Owners Academy exists to help farmers like you achieve More Profit, More Control, & More Freedom.

We teach farmers:

  • How to become successful business owners.

  • The strategic skills that weren't passed on from the generations before.

  • How to become TOP Producers (the skills of the top 20% of farmers).

  • How to interpret their financials to make better decisions, maximising the profitability.

  • How to Take Control of their farms, gaining more clarity, focus, organisation and

  • How to think like a successful entrepreneur and find new oppotunities.

Farm Owners Academy was cofounded by Greg Johnsson and Andrew Roberts back in 2015 to simplify the complexity of running a farming business. Now with a team of Farm Business Coaches, their combined methods have been tried and tested in Australian Farming Businesses for 80+ years and are proven to help you experience ‘More Profit, More Control, and More Freedom’.

We have a variety of useful resources including a smash-hit podcast, newsletters, blogs, regular live events and a series of comprehensive educational programs. We provide everything you need to unlock the full potential of your business, and create something that makes you both proud and profitable, and gives you the freedom you deserve.
      Farm Owners Academy exists to help farmers like you achieve
      More Profit, More Control, More Freedom

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