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Farm Owners Academy is run by farm based entrepreneurs for farm based entrepreneurs - the recognised leaders in Farm Business Education & Coaching. For over 40 years Farm Owners Academy’s leaders have helped farmers create more profit, more control & more freedom in their farm business and reconnect with the life that they went into farming for.


Meet the team

Whether you’re looking to improve profitability, save time, develop your team, or run a better business, the Farm Owners Academy team have the experience to help unlock the full potential of your farming business. Backed by decades of on-farm experience, we’re dedicated to helping you create a business that you’re both proud of and is profitable, while also giving you the freedom you deserve.

Greg Johnsson

Co-Founder and Director

Greg has had a lifetime of experience as a business owner and farm production consultant. Greg’s passion for improving enterprise productivity and profitability for farmers started when he trained as a veterinary surgeon and has spanned the last 40+ years through the activities of his consultancy group, the Kangaroo Island Sheep Production Group, then Sheep Owners Academy and now Farm Owners Academy.

Greg has also been a farmer and has an intimate understanding of what it takes to be successful as a farm business owner.

Together over the last 4 decades, Greg & Deb have started many businesses and also sold a couple. Greg’s businesses are now all managed totally by a team allowing Greg to concentrate on helping farmers through the Farm Owners Academy. Greg’s businesses are all great examples of a “freedom business”.

Jeremy Hutchings

Managing Director

With a life-long passion for the agricultural industry, Jeremy Hutchings brings his unique experience as a leading company strategist and business coach to the role of Farm Owners Academy Managing Director.

Jeremy grew up on a highly productive mixed farming enterprise at Yerong Creek, NSW; studied Agricultural Science, Economics and Trade, and has a professional career in farm and agribusiness consulting. He now lives with his wife Jane and four children on a farm near Cootamundra, NSW. With well-established business acumen and his extensive background in strategy, growth, team-operational and financial-performance structures, as well as a special interest in farm performance analysis and benchmarking, Jeremy is well placed to lead FOA toward its vision of helping progressive farmers across Australia and beyond.

Sam Johnsson

CEO and Director

Sam is an experienced executive with strong leadership and business analysis skills gained through 10 years of consulting in the construction industry. During which, Sam led and managed teams of over 65 people and was responsible for all areas of business leadership and management. Sam now translates these skills to the farm business context.

In addition to his previous corporate experience, Sam has been a key contributor in leading the rapid growth of his own Ag Tech business supporting clients all over Australia.

With his 10 years in corporate consulting coupled with the practical experience of leading a fast-growing start-up business, Sam helps clients focus on what is important in their business and supports them to make the robust decisions that help move them towards their goals.

Sam is passionate about the agricultural sector and is committed to delivering on Farm Owners Academy’s mission to help Australian farmers create more profit, more control, and more freedom in their business.

Tracy Secombe


Tracy brings 30 years of business experience to her role as Director for Farm Owners Academy. Tracy helps you make the small shifts that allow you to increase your profits while decreasing your time working in the business. Tracy specialises in helping you identify the thing holding you back from your ideal health, purpose and lifestyle.

Andrew Roberts
Michaela Malicki
Business Manager


Leah Jeanes
Program & Events Coordinator


Georgia Russell
Customer Service & Administration Assistant


John Gabriel
I.T/Back-end Support


Sam Pincott
Head Coach


David Westbrook
Coach and Community Manager


Tegan Buckley
New Member Relationship Champion


Rick Morris
Accountability Coach


Benita Bensch
Accountability Coach


Cheryl Freak
Accountability Coach


Marina Gregor
Accountability Coach


Hayley Grosser
Accountability Coach
Alison Hamilton
Accountability Coach


Cassandra Kath
Accountability Coach


Jack Owen
Accountability Coach


Kerrie Smith
Accountability Coach


Tim Freak
Farm Business Analyst


Keith Bolto
Farm Business Analyst


Heidi McInness


Emma Strong


Our Core Values

Our core values remind us of why we do what we do. Our values meaningfully connect us and help shape our decisions and actions.


  • Care for the farmers we serve
  • Meet them where they are at, not where we are at
  • Take time to understand their real issues and what might be causing it


  • Our members want to be shown and led
  • Step up and lead
  • Create an environment that farmers want to be part of


  • Helping people is inspiring, let's remember this is what we do
  • Love your work
  • Bring excitement and enthusiasm for what you do
  • Work with clients who share this same passion


  • Always look for the latest ways to achieve success

  • Work smarter and not harder

  • Your greatest success is often 3 degrees away from where you are looking

  • Think outside the box – the solution is there if you keep looking


  • Results come outside a comfort zone, so help them leave their comfort zone
  • If we are too nice – Nothing Inside me Cares Enough
  • Push our clients to their limits, but not further
  • Be assertive, results are what matter in the end


Ready to take your farm to the next level? We are here to help you overcome common challenges and achieve your business and personal goals.



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