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Farm Owners Academy exists to help farmers like you. We coach farm owners who are committed to running a Platinum level business; we will lead you towards higher profitability and lower working hours; and help you create your very own ‘Freedom Farm’…

The FOA Freedom Farm Revolution is upon us!

Farm Owners Academy was cofounded by Greg Johnsson and Andrew Roberts back in 2015 to simplify the complexity of running a farming business.  Now with Jeremy Hutchings at the helm as CEO, their combined methods have been tried and tested in Australian Farming Businesses for 40+ years and are proven to help you experience ‘More Profit, More Control, and More Freedom’.

We have a variety of useful resources including a smash-hit podcast, newsletters, blogs, regular live events and a series of comprehensive educational programs. We provide everything you need to unlock the full potential of your business, and create something that makes you both proud and profitable, AND gives you the freedom you deserve.

We teach farmers:

  • How to become successful business owners.
  • The strategic skills that weren’t passed on from the generations before.
  • How to become TOP Producers (the skills of the top 20% of farmers).
  • How to interpret their financials to make better decisions, maximising the profitability and success of their business.
  • How to Take Control of their farms, gaining more clarity, focus, organisation and precious time with their families.
  • How to think like a successful entrepreneur and find new opportunities.

Greg Johnsson

Greg has had a lifetime of experience as a business owner and specialist sheep and cattle production consultant. Greg’s passion for improving enterprise productivity and profitability for farmers started when he trained as a veterinary surgeon and has spanned the last 37 years through the activities of his consultancy group, the Kangaroo Island Sheep Production Group, then Sheep Owners Academy and now Farm Owners Academy.
The Kangaroo Island Sheep Production Group achieved national acclaim for its achievements in 2013 when John Symons, the owner of Turkey Lane (the commercial demonstration farm set up by Greg and used to evaluate and demonstrate best practice and new technologies in a commercial setting for Group members), was awarded the Kondinin ABC Rural 2013 Australian Woolgrower of the Year Award.
Implementation of the TOP Producers Program on this farm produced a stunning 500% increase in year on year trend income per hectare in the 18 years between 2000 and 2018. Greg has also presented to numerous farmer groups across South Australia and Victoria.
Greg has also been a farmer, managing the family farm on Kangaroo Island in the 1980s and 1990s whilst establishing his veterinary business, the Kangaroo Island Veterinary Clinic. With partner Deb Lehmann, Greg managed 650 breeding cows and a Limousin stud. In 1985 they established Kangaroo Island’s first cattle feedlot to sell grain finished cattle directly to Woolworths when grid-based selling was still in its infancy.
In 1992, Greg and Deb founded and co-owned South Australia’s first sheep dairy, Island Pure, which continued to operate until late 2018. Greg was the first cheesemaker in this business.
Together over the last 4 decades, Greg & Deb have started many businesses – the largest of these being the Kangaroo Island Veterinary Clinic which has grown from its establishment in 1982 to now employ 5 vets and 7 nurses. This busy business is managed totally by the team allowing Greg to concentrate on helping farmers through the Farm Owners Academy and is a great example of a “freedom business”.
He is also a Sheep Genetics Services provider and provides the software development “grunt” behind Elite Innovation Co’s ‘BreedElite’ sheep performance recording software and its innovative Smart Draft‘n’Weigh system.

Jeremy Hutchings

With a life-long passion for the agricultural industry, Jeremy Hutchings brings his unique experience as a leading company strategist and business coach to the role of Farm Owners Academy CEO. Jeremy grew up on a highly productive mixed farming enterprise at Yerong Creek, NSW; studied Agricultural Science, Economics and Trade, and has a professional career in farm and agribusiness consulting. He now lives with his wife Jane and four children on a farm near Cootamundra, NSW. With well-established business acumen and his extensive background in strategy, growth, team- operational- and financial-performance structures, as well as a special interest in farm performance analysis and benchmarking, Jeremy is well placed to lead FOA toward its vision of helping progressive farmers across Australia and beyond.

Our Team Members

The Heart of our Company

Sam Johnsson

General Manager

Michaela Malicki

Administration Assistant

John Gabriel

IT Support

David Westbrook

Coach and Community Manager

Tracy Secombe Head Mastermind Coach

Tracy Secombe

Head Mastermind Coach

Cheryl Freak Platinum Mastermind Coach

Cheryl Freak

Platinum Mastermind Coach

Benita Bensch

Farm Business Coach

Sam Pincott

Farm Business Coach

Hayley Grosser Farm Business Coach

Hayley Grosser

Farm Business Coach


We have a variety of educational resources including online webinars, regular live events, plus, our monthly podcast and blog. Everything you need to unlock the full potential of your business, and create something that makes you both proud and profitable and gives you the freedom you deserve.

Ultimate Farming Enterprise Cheat Sheet

The top 10 targets for TOP Producers, so you can profit more and work less.


Join our “Profitable Farmer Podcast” as we share knowledge that will help your farming business boom. We run bi-monthly sessions and regular blog updates so be sure to check back soon, or subscribe to the newsletter to keep in touch.


We share tips, advice, inspiration and ideas based on business skills within the farming industry. Connect with us to learn from other farmers and improve your business skills.

TOP Producers Workshop

A 2-day workshop that teaches you how to earn more money and run a better farming business. We introduce you to our TOP Producers system and the steps proven to Transform, Optimise and Propel your farm.
TOP Producers Event

Farm Financial Framework

Make more money & become a stronger farm owner by learning the language of finance.

Take Control

A comprehensive 10-week program covering 5 key modules designed to help you gain more focus, clarity and organisation within your farming business. Now includes our bonus Farm Financial Benchmark!
Take Control Program

Platinum Mastermind

An intensive 3-year program which deep dives into the 9 elements of our TOP Producers system. This program is only for the highest calibre farmers who want to operate in the industry’s top 20%.
Platinum Mastermind Farm Management Program

Core Values

Our core values remind us of why we do what we do. Our values meaningfully connect us and help shape our decisions and actions.


  • Care for the farmers we serve
  • Meet them where they are at, not where we are at
  • Take time to understand their real issues and what might be causing it


  • Results come outside a comfort zone, so help them leave their comfort zone
  • If we are too nice – Nothing Inside Me Cares Enough
  • Push our clients to their limits…but not further
  • Be assertive, results are what matter in the end


  • Always look for the latest ways to achieve success
  • Work smarter and not harder
  • Your greatest success is often 3 degrees away from where you are looking
  • Think outside the box – the solution is there if you keep looking


  • Our members want to be shown and led
  • Step up and lead
  • Create an environment that farmers want to be part of


  • Helping people is inspiring, lets remember this is what we do
  • Love your work
  • Bring excitement and enthusiasm for what you do
  • Work with clients who share this same passion

Industry Acclaim

John Symons

Kondinin Farm Group / ABC Rural Australian Woolgrower of the Year 2013
We were doing it pretty tough. For a variety of reasons, we owed a fair bit of money and banks were being pretty miserable. So, yes, we had to do something different. After discussing my situation with Greg, he suggested I look at what was happening in various demonstrations around the country and that was the beginning of it. It’s been a pretty easy process, to be quite honest. One anyone can do! It’s one that hasn’t been entirely our management; you’ve got to say that the real level of flock production growth has come from Greg, Deb, and the implementation of the TOP Producers Program.

Allan Casey

Advanced Breeding Services / NSW Department of Agriculture
It deals with the farm as a whole system and you really can’t pick the eyes out of it like that where with a lot of demonstrations they’re quite simple and cover one section but this has got that whole farm system – you know that there is no smoke and mirrors behind the doors……. The comprehensiveness of this is extraordinary.


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