Simple Budgeting For A Profitable Farm

  • Essential Considerations in Budget Building
  • The Blueprint for Precision: Creating an Accurate Budget
  • A Stress-Free Year: Setting Up Your Budget for Success
  • Turning Numbers into Insights: Using Your Budget Wisely
  • Staying on Track: Navigating Your Budget Year-Round

PLUS: Hear stories from other farmers who've experienced the same challenges and how they found the ways to solve them.

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Pay Yourself First

Until you pay yourself a market-based wage and plug that number into your financials, your financial data is worthless.


30% Net Profit Ratio

The oxygen of your business. Without it your business can’t hold its breath for very long.


Forecasting vs Budgeting

The roadmap to profit


In-house Chief Finance Officer

Why having a dedicated in house chief finance officer will help you, and how Mel implements this into their business

Meet your presenters

Greg Johnsson


Greg has had a lifetime of experience as a business owner and farm production consultant. Greg’s passion for improving enterprise productivity and profitability for farmers started when he trained as a veterinary surgeon and has spanned the last 40+ years through the activities of his consultancy group, the Kangaroo Island Sheep Production Group, then Sheep Owners Academy and now Farm Owners Academy.

Greg has also been a farmer and has an intimate understanding of what it takes to be successful as a farm business owner.

Together over the last 4 decades, Greg & Deb have started many businesses and also sold a couple. Greg’s businesses are now all managed totally by a team allowing Greg to concentrate on helping farmers through the Farm Owners Academy. Greg’s businesses are all great examples of a “freedom business”.

Sam Johnsson


Sam is an experienced executive with strong leadership and business analysis skills gained through 10 years of consulting in the construction industry. During which, Sam led and managed teams of over 65 people and was responsible for all areas of business leadership and management. Sam now translates these skills to the farm business context.

In addition to his previous corporate experience, Sam has been a key contributor in leading the rapid growth of his own Ag Tech business supporting clients all over Australia.

With his 10 years in corporate consulting coupled with the practical experience of leading a fast-growing start-up business, Sam helps clients focus on what is important in their business and supports them to make the robust decisions that help move them towards their goals.

Sam is passionate about the agricultural sector and is committed to delivering on Farm Owners Academy’s mission to help Australian farmers create more profit, more control, and more freedom in their business.


The premier farm business education & coaching provider

Farm business coaching for growth minded farming families building capability, not reliance.

Farm Owners Academy is run by farm based entrepreneurs for farm based entrepreneurs - the recognised leaders in Farm Business Education & Coaching. For over 40 years Farm Owners Academy’s leaders have helped farmers create more profit, more control & more freedom in their farm business and reconnect with the life that they went into farming for.

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Hear what other farmers are saying

We've helped thousands of farm owners grow their business & enjoy a better life. Here are a few of their stories.

"To anyone considering joining, or who have seen the ads online and its piqued your interest - take the steps and make the phone call or join one of the programs and dip your toe in the water to get a sense of it.

If there is a feeling leading you to it, or any sort of interest, there is a reason for that - so follow your instincts"

Benita & Adam Bensch, FARM OWNERS

"It has honestly changed our lives and it will change our future generations' life. I know that if we implement the strategies that we have learnt through Farm Owners Academy, follow the process, and have our goals in place that we will achieve them and go beyond.

Prior to Farm Owners Academy, it was all work hard in order to achieve in life, whereas now we are working smarter. We have more efficiencies by having an amazing workman, it has really freed me up to spend time on the strategic side of the business. By having the right staff, the right systems, and strategies in place we can do that."

Cameron England, FARM OWNERS

"We can now make decisions financially based on tools and calculators on offer to us. Watching the KPIs improve dramatically quickly has been really exciting for us. Our business has just gotten stronger, and stronger and stronger!

What we are implementing now, and how that will look for our next generations of farmers coming through, it's really exciting. It's empowering knowing you can analyse the numbers, make measured decisions, not just decisions based only on your head or heart."

Ben & Kate Taylor, FARM OWNERS



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