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To get ahead in recent years, I bet you've tried to expand your operation by doing all sorts of things:

  • A myriad of technical training days to improve your skills

  • Purchasing the latest machinery with 'all the bells and whistles'

  • Getting caught up in tips from your suppliers’ and sales reps

  • Hiring a farmhand (that didn’t work out) and then working more than ever to fix their mistakes

  • Consulting your dad, granddad, neighbour, and countless others to help you take your farm to the next level

Yet despite all that you’ve tried, you never seem to see any lasting change on the farm. You’re still stuck.

Which means you’re also…

  • Exhausted from working too many hours

  • Not making enough money for the life you want

  • Overwhelmed from doing it all yourself

  • Fighting with family over the best way to do things

  • Unable to take a holiday, or everything will fall apart

  • Watching your kids grow up and your spouse grow distant while you’re busy slaving away on the farm

  • Afraid that one more bad season will make you lose the farm that’s been in the family for generations

You’d be stressed about the future...if you had a spare minute to think about it. But you’re too wrapped up in the day-to-day to even think beyond tomorrow.

If that’s you, here’s what you need to do:


Take a breath. (Seriously!)

And know that, mate, you’re in the right place.

We grew up on family farms so we know it can be an incredibly stressful lifestyle. That’s why depression and suicide are tragically common in our industry. So if you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or afraid, know you’re not alone.

The number 1 challenge farmers face...

When we ask farmers to name the #1 challenge holding them back, we get answers like:

  • Not enough time

  • Not enough money

  • Succession planning not playing out

  • Family members not on the same page

  • No plan - not knowing the best direction to take

And while those are all genuine challenges, they’re not the number 1 thing holding you back. Not really.

Want to know what is?

Working on the wrong things.

“C’mon guys,” you say. “I’m busy all day, every day. I’m working myself to the bone over here!”

Yes. But are you working on the right things to grow your farm? Or simply survive until the next season?

Many farmers operate the same way as Andrew’s dad. They see a job that needs doing, like:

  • Fixing the fence

  • Servicing the machinery

  • Repainting the wool shed

  • Checking the water

  • Checking the sheep

  • Driving the tractor

...and they jump and do it. 

And they’re so busy being busy that they don’t have time for the BIG stuff that would actually drive profits and create lasting change.


Our October Intake Is Now OPEN!


For your added peace of mind, the Platinum Mastermind Program comes with a 3-month guarantee period, in which either party may terminate the agreement without penalty. 

Should you decide within this time that the Platinum Mastermind Program is not right for you, or you cannot identify the value, we will happily refund all of your money.

– Jeremy Hutchings

The 2 things you need to grow the farm of your dreams

It’s actually quite simple to reach your goals (simple...but not easy).

To create your dream farm, all you really need is:

  1. A strategic action plan

  2. A commitment to follow through on the plan

You need an action plan full of the right things to grow your farm. It needs to focus on profit, scaling, and strong systems and processes (so the farm can run without you someday).

Just as important as the action plan is your commitment to taking action.

Because contrary to popular belief, knowledge isn’t power. It’s only potential power. Action is true power.

It’s not your knowledge that creates results. It’s your ACTIONS.

You could learn the perfect workout plan to give you six-pack abs in the next 90 days…

But unless you TAKE ACTION on that knowledge in the gym, you won’t get any results.

As any farmer knows, though, taking action is easier said than done. Something always seems to crop up to distract you and there’s always a new fire to put out.

Even with a great action plan, most farmers are so busy surviving that they don’t have time to do the meaningful work to change their businesses...and the farm stays stuck in that cycle for generations.

But if you can break out of that cycle, if you can combine a proven business plan with action, incredible things happen.

So we asked ourselves: What if we could help farmers take ACTION on the RIGHT tasks to create real change on their farms?

What if we could help you create a strategic action plan that allows you to…

Make more money…

In less time…

With way more freedom…

...Essentially, to build a freedom farm that supports the life of your dreams that can run without you someday?

What if we could be there to support you every step of the way, to help you reorganise your time and make sure you take action on your plan?

And what if we went beyond business strategy and also helped you be happier, healthier, and less stressed? What if there was a positive ripple effect so that it wasn’t just your farm that flourished, but also your life?

What if we created a community of farmers that lifted you up by sharing their proven tips so you could follow their shortcuts and learn from their successes?

And what if that community was so strong that failure simply wasn’t an option? What if the farmers push each other, help each other, so that no one is left behind and everyone wins?

In short: What if we designed a program to give you everything you need to build the farm you dream live the life you know you’re capable of living? 

We asked ourselves all these questions... and the Platinum Mastermind is our answer!

"We have just completed the 3-year Mastermind program with Farm Owners Academy. This is the most holistic business course we have ever been involved with and it’s had a huge impact both on our business, and also on our personal lives. Greg, Andrew and Deb have a genuine desire to see farmers lead happier, healthier, balanced lives while growing highly profitable businesses. Between them they have a massive amount of experience and knowledge, plus the course allowed us to mix with and benefit from the experience of all the other farmers in the group. We are completely changing the way we run our business as a result of our learnings over the last 3 years. We are now in our 2nd year of the FOA Alumni Program and are looking forward to continuing to be challenged and inspired in so many ways. Our only disappointment is that we didn’t have access to this course much earlier in our farming career."

- Tim & Cheryl Freak

Introducing...Platinum Mastermind!

Platinum Mastermind is for farmers who are ready to commit to doing the work to double their profits and double their time off.

It’s a three-year coaching community to educate, strategise, and take efficient action on the 9 steps you need to create a freedom farm that can run without you — what we call The TOP Producers Model:

  1. Tune In and develop a millionaire’s mindset

  2. Take Stock of your key farm numbers to gain clarity on your strengths and gaps

  3. Take Control and transform your family farm into a successful business

  4. Objectively Measure your results and make critical decisions to improve profitability

  5. Organise Infrastructure to become more productive by being far more efficient

  6. Open Up to improve technical skills and optimise resources

  7. Promote Team and train top-notch employees so everything’s not on your shoulders!

  8. Pump Up Scale to grow your current operation as big as you want

  9. Procure Assets through off-farm investment so you’re not reliant on just the farm for your income

But you won’t just think about doing these things... 

With the Platinum Mastermind, you’ll actually DO them, with coaches and fellow farmers supporting you every week, month, and year of the program.

Have a listen to Cameron England sharing his experience on how this program has helped him...


Our October Intake Is Now OPEN!


For your added peace of mind, the Platinum Mastermind Program comes with a 3-month guarantee period, in which either party may terminate the agreement without penalty. 

Should you decide within this time that the Platinum Mastermind Program is not right for you, or you cannot identify the value, we will happily refund all of your money.

– Jeremy Hutchings

Here’s how the Platinum Mastermind works:

If you’re accepted into the program, here’s what will happen next:

Audit of your current reality

You’ll start the Platinum Mastermind by looking at your current reality on the farm. We’ll use an in-depth’s full-on! help you explore everything about your farming business.

Don’t worry if you’re not satisfied with your current position. (No one is, that’s why you’re in the program!) Even if you don’t like where you’re at, it will give you so much clarity to say, “Okay. This is my starting point. Now what do I do to change it?”

We’ll use your audit to guide the second step of the program…

Strategy call to create your action plan

Next, you’ll have a strategy call with a coach to review your audit and map out what you’re going to achieve in the first year. Your tasks will be laser-focused and broken down by quarter, so it’s crystal clear what needs to be done when. Everything is mapped out for you — all you have to do is follow the plan. (No more guessing or wondering!)

Your action plan will focus on the few activities that free up your time and produce the biggest result...and we get you to do those FIRST. We cleverly line up your action items like dominos to gain momentum as you knock them down so your results will get bigger and bigger over time.

You’ll meet with your coach to create a fresh action plan every year as you grow and change.

Monthly Mastermind meetings with a small group

Community support is a massive part of the program. When you join, you’ll be matched up with five other growth-minded farmers in a similar situation to you so you can help each other along the journey.

You’ll have monthly online Mastermind meetings with your small group plus your coach. They’ll hold you accountable for implementing your action plan. (Positive peer pressure is incredibly powerful!) You’ll also share tips and shortcuts and you’ll help each other overcome challenges. Your Mastermind group won’t let you stay stuck or avoid taking action. 

One of the best parts of the program is the close bond you’ll form with your mastermind partners. Many members walk out with best friends for life.

In-depth whole-farm financial benchmark

We’ll produce an extremely in-depth benchmark report of how your business is performing financially. Financial jargon can be confusing — so Greg, our farm financial expert, will walk you through all the numbers so you have a firm grasp of your farm’s performance...and then give you a specific list of things you can do to purely drive profitability.

This isn’t based on gut feeling or financial theory...but the hard financial facts of YOUR farming operation. That’s why this benchmark report is such a game-changer and why our members perform so well financially.

You’ll get an updated benchmark every year of the program so you can watch your hard work pay off (literally) as you grow over time.

In-person Deep Dives

Three times a year, the Platinum Mastermind meets in-person* for 2-day workshops. During these events, we’ll dive deep into important topics to help you DO THE MEANINGFUL WORK that will change your business and life.

Getting off the farm switches your brain into a different gear. Connecting with driven, inspiring, hardworking farmers like you is transformational. And carving out time to do this important work makes all the difference.

If you can’t make it to a Deep Dive, no worries. We record the entire weekend so you or a team member can watch at a time that’s convenient for you.

*A thoughtful balance of online and state-based events are presently in place due to the current climate.

Monthly coaching calls with the FOA team

In addition to your monthly small group mastermind, you’ll also join us for 3 x monthly online calls, for another layer of accountability to keep you on track. You have 3 expert mentors who will educate you on different growth strategies PLUS you can ask them any questions that come up along the way:

Growth Session with Jeremy (FOA CEO): Each call, you’ll explore a different area where you can grow into a stronger farm owner, often dissecting a successful farm so you can copy their winning strategies.

Business Session with Greg (FOA co-founder and finance expert): You’ll focus on a different side of business development, strategy, profits, systems, and optimisation each month so you continue to refine your farming operation.

Conversations with Tracy (FOA life coach): Tracy will help you deal with relationship issues, mindset problems, basically anything blocking you from the business and life you want. She’s just a wizard!

Ongoing support in real-time

Need advice but can’t wait until a mastermind or coaching call? No worries. You can ask the entire Platinum Mastermind community for help, through our online support hub.

We have a team of experts in addition to the 100 or so farmers inside the program, ready to answer your questions. This is an amazing way to deal with challenges as they come up so you don’t waste time staying stuck and also a great way to get to know the rest of the community and make lifelong friendships.

...Okay, does that feel full-on?
That’s because it is!

The Platinum Mastermind is for farmers who are ready to change their lives.

Because it’s not about what you know...but what you do. So we included layer upon layer of support to make sure you TAKE ACTION, instead of thinking or dreaming about doing it.

THIS will be the time you see real, meaningful results.

THIS will be the year when it finally starts to change.

THIS will be the program to completely transform your farm, your mindset, and your life, so that when you look back in three years, you’ll hardly recognise the place you’re in today.

But only if you stop thinking about it and take action now…

Our October Intake Is Now OPEN!


For your added peace of mind, the Platinum Mastermind Program comes with a 3-month guarantee period, in which either party may terminate the agreement without penalty. 

Should you decide within this time that the Platinum Mastermind Program is not right for you, or you cannot identify the value, we will happily refund all of your money.

– Jeremy Hutchings

Great technical farming + great business skills = profound results

An accountant spends four years at university to learn how to file taxes.

A doctor spends seven years learning how to heal patients.

How long have you spent learning how to become a productive farm leader? 

Who’s shown you how to be a CEO, how to hire people, how to optimise your pasture for maximum profit?

Your parents taught you how to be a great farmer. Who taught you how to be a great business owner?

That’s what Platinum Mastermind is here for.

And when you marry great business skills with excellent technical farming, you’ll get results like these:


The typical Platinum Mastermind member has a ROAM that’s 3x higher than the average farmer (according to ABARES). And the top 20% of the farmers in our Platinum Mastermind have a ROAM that’s 5x higher. Our farmers get results...because they put in the work!

If you’re ready, we’d love to help you get similar results on your farm.

Who is Farm Owners Academy?

Farm Owners Academy was founded by business coach Andrew Roberts and farm industry consultant Greg Johnsson. Today, they’re joined by CEO Jeremy Hutchings.

Between them, they have over 70 years of experience across the farming AND business space. That’s their secret sauce. Both Andrew and Jeremy grew up on wool farms and saw firsthand the hardships and struggles their dads went through day after day. Greg started his career as a veterinary surgeon specialising in beef cattle production and spent years managing the family farm on Kangaroo Island.

That keen insight into the farming industry is perfectly matched by their business acumen. They have built four million-dollar businesses between them; they know the blueprint for a successful business.

Inside the Platinum Mastermind, they help passionate farmers apply this same blueprint to their farms to increase revenue and build a well-oiled they can make more money and spend more time off the farm doing what they love. 

By combining sharp business strategy, commitment to taking action, and a supportive community, they’ve helped members inside the Platinum Mastermind get truly incredible results. 

"The knowledge Greg and Andrew have between them is just phenomenal.  Our involvement in the Platinum Mastermind Program has had a dramatic impact on our business and mindset.  We have gained so much clarity around what we want to achieve, it has allowed us to step outside of the business and look in, and has provided us with the tools to support our farm going forward. Our sights are set way past what we thought was ever possible."
Hayley Grosser - Platinum Mastermind Member since March 2018
"I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience of working with Farm Owners Academy.  The return on investment has been tremendous for not only our business, but our personal lives also."
Dion Woolford - Platinum Mastermind Member since August 2015
"We love Farm Owners Academy and can't speak highly enough of the help they've given us with our farm business and personal development.  In a relatively short space of time we have learnt life and business skills that we will forever use and be grateful for."
Anna Speirs - Platinum Mastermind Member since August 2017

"I want to thank FOA for creating this amazing community and for setting up the support systems that well and truly deliver on its promises.  Without it, I would never have felt safe enough to connect with what it is that truly drives me.  My coach’s role in helping me to see this has been significant.

At the heart of this community is the spirit of giving and helping each other grow by lifting them above you in a truly selfless way. I value this deeply and am forever grateful to be a part of it.  I am in a really good space and am so excited about where we are heading."

Greg Williams - Platinum Mastermind Member since March 2019
"The Farm Owners Academy team have been so supportive and a wealth of knowledge and resources. We have gained so much improvement in our lives, both personally and within our farm business."
Amanda Stewart - Platinum Mastermind Member since August 2015
Ready to join?...Sorry, you can’t
(But here’s why that’s good news)

We only allow members inside Platinum Mastermind if we know we can help double their profits and double their time off. If we don’t feel we can do that for you, we won’t accept you to the program. It’s just not fair to you.

Every new member also needs to be the right fit for our community. If someone’s struggling inside the group, everyone comes around to lift that person up. It’s a delicate balance and we need to make sure every new addition has the right personality and attitude for the group.

That’s why each application needs 3 ticks of approval from the Leadership Team before we invite you to the program. 

We genuinely will not sign up a farmer that we can’t help and won’t gel with the community. That’s why our members get such incredible results, because we only accept people into the program that we know will succeed.

So there’s no risk in applying. If you won’t get results, we won’t accept you.

And even if we do accept you, you’re not obligated to join. It simply means you have the OPTION, if you want to join us.

So if you’re interested in learning more, we highly encourage you to learn more by clicking the button below. What do you have to lose?!

The Platinum Mastermind is PERFECT for you if…

You’re an open-minded farmer who’s hungry to learn more and willing to try new things and TRUST. (We believe: To have something you’ve never had, you need to be someone you’ve never been, and do something you’ve never done.)


You’re passionate about what you do. Really passionate. You truly love farming and couldn’t imagine being in any other industry.


You’re willing to be vulnerable and say, “I don’t know.” None of us is perfect. But without honesty and openness, you won’t reach your true potential.


You’re not looking for a magic pill because you know they don’t exist. You’re willing to do the work to create a strong legacy for future generations.


You’d love to be surrounded by optimistic people who lift you up and encourage you to keep going, rather than complaining or blaming.


You want to improve your life (your health, your marriage, your community) in addition to improving your farming business.

The Platinum Mastermind Program
is NOT the right fit for…

Farmers who want to do things the same way they’ve always been done or think there’s only one “right” way to run a farm.


Close-minded folks who think they already know everything and aren’t open to insight from others.


Those who believe that a positive mindset, strategic goal-setting, and other “fluffy stuff” doesn’t matter.


Hobby farmers or farm owners whose businesses currently make less than $250K in revenue per year.


Overly competitive people. We’re a true community in Platinum Mastermind and share our successes, tips, and tricks with one another. Those who prefer to keep their advice all to themselves are not a good fit.

One last way to tell if the
Platinum Mastermind is right for you

Still not sure? Here’s a quick way to tell whether you should apply for the Platinum Mastermind program today.

Answer this question: How do you want things to look in 3 years?

Where do you want to be?

What does your ideal farm business look like?

How about your life — family, health, hobbies, free time, off-farm investment?

Take a minute and see a really clear picture in your head of how you want things to look. (I know this may sound corny but just go with it! It’s a tried-and-true coaching exercise that all top business leaders have done before.)

With that picture in your mind, be honest:

If you keep going the way you’ve been going…

If you stay on your current path, in your comfort zone…

Will you make that vision come true?

...Or will you be in pretty much the same place as you are today?

To have something you’ve never had, you need to be someone you’ve never been, and do something you’ve never done.

(Go back and read that line again, it’s important.)

To achieve your big vision, you need to do something different. That’s where Platinum Mastermind comes in.

Platinum Mastermind will get you from where you’re at to where you want to go. You’ll do that by creating a strategic business plan, breaking down your big goals into smaller, achievable chunks, and having support to make sure you take action to get results.

Over the next 3 years, you CAN create a freedom farm. Our members have already proven it’s possible.

At this point, you’ve learned about what the Platinum Mastermind program can do for you. But remember, knowledge is only potential power...action is true power.

So...are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and do something different?

Then TAKE ACTION and explore the program now:

Our October Intake Is Now OPEN!


For your added peace of mind, the Platinum Mastermind Program comes with a 3-month guarantee period, in which either party may terminate the agreement without penalty. 

Should you decide within this time that the Platinum Mastermind Program is not right for you, or you cannot identify the value, we will happily refund all of your money.

– Jeremy Hutchings

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