Why do so many people resist help? 

Why are some people so open to receiving help from others, yet others reject it? 

Why do people defend what they know and struggle to remain open-minded to other viewpoints and receiving feedback to live a better life? 

The most successful and happy people I know have a huge desire to improve themselves.  They are constantly seeking feedback and looking for any help they can get to give them an edge. 

They read or listen to books regularly, attend personal and professional development courses, and ALL of them have a coach or a mentor to guide them. 

Navigating business (and life) is hard, and I can promise you it’s ten times harder if you are doing it on your own. 

I believe it’s not an option anymore to do it on your own. You miss out on so much by ‘winging it’ and trying to evaluate and make every decision without the help of others. It will cost you so much more by doing it this way. 

A coach or mentor has already been there. They have navigated the terrain you are in, and they have experienced the challenges you have faced. 

They can see things you can’t and can save you thousands of hours of effort because they have already made the same mistakes. 

Take me (as an example).   

I’ve been mentoring business owners for 22 years. 

If you decided to become a coach tomorrow, wouldn’t you agree that having just a few hours with me might help you reach your goals sooner? Could I share some of my mistakes and help you avoid them? Could I help you fast track your success? 

Of course I could. 

Getting some coaching and mentoring is guaranteed to help you (if you listen and implement any suggestions). 

Ask yourself, ‘could an experienced farmer or business expert save me years of effort?’ 

So many people consider coaching as a cost without analysing the cost of NOT doing it. 

Coaching is for winners, NOT losers.  

Successful people seek coaching. 

I don’t know one professional sportsperson who doesn’t have one.   

Coaching is designed to help you see a return on any investment you make. 

It’s designed to help you become a better business leader but also a better partner, parent, sibling, child and friend.   

It will work on all areas of your life at once.   

It’s so much more than just creating a better business and making more money.   

It’s about becoming the best version of yourself. 

And you owe it to yourself to do this.  

Our next intake for coaching is coming up in June, so if you feel like it’s time for you to step up, please reply to this email, and we can send you some details. 

Farm Owners Academy has a full guarantee on our coaching program. Try us for up to three months, and if you don’t get value, we will provide a full refund.   

That is how confident we are with our coaching program. 

But if you don’t like us, please get some help from someone.   


P.S. if you are the smartest person in the room, you are the dumbest.  Our goal is to surround ourselves with people who have more knowledge than we do, and we put our ego to one side and ask for help



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