Do you love to work hard?  
Do you see yourself as a doer?  
Do you have the attitude, ‘If there is a job to be done, then get out of my way and let me do it?’ 
This attitude has served you because things get done. 
A real theme in the Agriculture industry is to be a hard worker. This was most likely passed down from the generations before you. Farmers are incredibly proud people and will often find pride in being hard workers.  

Whilst this has served you, it’s also essential to look at some of the challenges if you have this attitude. For example:  

  • Do you feel guilty when you are not working?
  • Do you feel there is always more to do? 
  • Is it hard for you to stop and slow down, even on holidays? 
  • Do you work a little longer and, consequently, see a little less of your family? 
  • Do you occasionally have a conflict with your partner because they want you around more to help out around the house and the family? 
  • Do you find it hard to employ people because most can’t do the job as well as you?
  • Do you get frustrated with lazy people and think they are hopeless? 

To become a true business leader, you must challenge your identity and belief system. There is no other way around it.

Working hard is an ingrained belief system that took years to create, so it can take a little while to undo.   
We are not saying that working hard is wrong – but more an opportunity to challenge your beliefs and your identity and to realise that possibly there is a different way to go about things.     
Great business leaders lead from the back of the ship, not the front.  
In other words, they understand that it’s okay not to be that person that is first in to get things done.  
To run a great business, you need to start sacking yourself from most things that need doing.   
Hire great people, then get out of their way.  
It’s important to let others have a go, and it’s okay to be the lifted, not the lifter.   
Sometimes you need to stand back and let others do the work, so you can let go and free up some time. 

Your guilt is fear and is something that can be removed if you do a little bit of internal work.  
This is not always about you working less. We know many of you hate this idea.  However, learning these skills will allow you to work on higher priority things OR take a bit more time off and learn to relax and enjoy life more. 
Charlie Mort from Mort and Co has never worked a day in his life in a feedlot. Yet he is still a busy and productive entrepreneur. This has helped his business move to annual revenue of over $700 million.  If he was trapped in the feedlot as a worker, then it would be impossible to create something at this scale.   
More than 90% of your success is a mindset. This is what we mean by sometimes you are smarter to be educated to change direction rather than motivated to speed up. 


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