I hope this message finds you well.

I wanted to share a recent experience where we took the time to align our Farm Owners Academy team with the company’s direction.

Here are some key highlights:

Our CEO, Sam Johnsson, organised a 2-day planning session for a portion of our leadership team in the Barossa Valley in South Australia.

We reviewed our 3-year goals and mapped out a 12-month plan, working backwards to identify our focus for the next 90 days.

The session was well-structured and facilitated by Sam, with pre-work completed by each participant.

We had ample opportunity to discuss ways to improve the business and reconnect with our mission of helping farmer owners.

By the end of the two days, we all walked away with:

  • Clarity on responsibilities and timelines, allowing us to reset with exciting new goals.
  • Increased confidence, excitement, and motivation for our shared vision.
  • The energy and momentum created during this time away were a game changer for all of us.

The investment of time and money yielded a solid 10x return, far surpassing the costs.

I strongly encourage you to consider investing lavishly in getting your team in sync. It is truly the best investment you can make, with transformative effects on performance and overall success.


P.S. One of the best things you can do to help your team get in sync, is to get clarity on your organisation structure and define the roles of each team member.  You can download a free copy of how to do this and examples here – https://www.farmownersacademy.com/smart-farm


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