I co-founded Farm Owners Academy 9 years ago with Greg and Deb Johnsson – today is a shout-out to them. 

They recently celebrated an incredible milestone – 40 years since they opened their Veterinary Practice on Kangaroo Island. While they sold the business 2 years ago, the new owners organised a surprise party in their honour (here is a photo of the occasion). 

Greg and Deb Johnsson

10 years ago, I was lucky to have Greg in a Mastermind I was facilitating, along with 10 other vets. 

Greg was working long hours and had hit a ceiling with the Vet Practice (generating around $900k in annual sales). 

He really took on the advice the mastermind group gave him, recruited some new team members, and began handing over the business to his team. 

Because of these decisions, his Vet Practice grew significantly in just a few years – to over $3m in annual revenue. 

It was also around this time that we launched Farm Owners Academy. Deb & Greg’s lifetime passion project. 

For Greg and Deb, it has never been about money. Their financial needs were met through their vet clinic. 

They have always operated from a desire to give back and have always been passionate about helping farmers. They get a huge kick from seeing farmers and their communities thrive. 

Over the past 9 years, Farm Owners Academy has grown to a team of over 15 and serves approximately 400 farm owners as part of the Platinum Mastermind Program (including the Alumni members who continue on after graduating). 

The business has had well over 1000 farmers complete one of the online coaching programs (Take Control and Farm Financial Framework) or attend an TOP Producers event in person or virtually. 

Greg & Deb have managed to achieve all of this while also launching another company called BreedELITE. And most recently, launching their newest project, Kangaroo Island Wool. 

They would not have been able to achieve all of this if they didn’t master the #1 SKILL, though… 

To lead from the back of the ship, not the front 

I have enormous respect for Greg and Deb. 

They give so much to their local community on Kangaroo Island, and it’s a real testament that the new Vet owners went out of their way to surprise Greg and Deb with a 40-year anniversary party. 

If they didn’t have the courage to take outside advice all those years ago, they might still be working IN their Vet Practice, and Farm Owners Academy may not exist. 

Again, it was never about the money, but their companies (before they sold the vet clinic) went from annual sales of under $1m per year to over $7.5m each year.  And the companies they are involved with now are still growing quickly because they have let go and allowed other leaders to grow them. 

Greg and Deb get to live their passion and dream by partnering up with other experts and skilled team members (then getting out of their way). 

Many farmers involved with Farm owners Academy have gone from struggling and doing everything themselves to now running highly profitable businesses and contributing back to their local economies by spending more money and hiring more people. 

Watching the roll-on effect when a farmer grows their business is really exciting.

All of us from Farm owners Academy get a kick from seeing this, but an even bigger kick when we see the farmers taking responsibility and ownership and changing their lives for the better.

Thank you, Greg and Deb. We are so grateful for your mentoring, passion and contribution.



P.S. Remember. A great entrepreneur needs to be comfortable being the ‘liftee’, not the ‘liftor’, if they want to maximise the potential of their business.  It starts with leading from the back of the ship and not being the one at the front, making all the decisions and doing everything themselves.


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