Being a Farmer can be one of the hardest occupations to make change in, but once you have, the rewards and stability of your farm for the next generation are so worth it.

We know there's so much we can't control in farming, that's just the nature of the industry - from weather events to commodity prices, there's so much volatility and risk when it comes to farming. That unpredicatability can affect you and your family in many ways that can cause damage for years, or even generations to come, from:
  • Dealing with chronic stress, burnout, and crisis management, over many years.
  • The affect of that stress on family relationships; your marriage, your relationship with your parents (or children), siblings, and succession planning.
  • The fear and grief of losing the farm that's been entrusted to you after generations of family management.
We know running a farm is TOUGH (we've done it!), and we want to help Aussie farmers take control of what they CAN control, by providing the tools and coaching to be successful farm business owners, have positive and enduring relationships, and enjoy the fruits of their labour (literally!).



When they did, they doubled their profits and halved their working hours:

  Our Take Control Program is delivered across 5 modules, each focused on teaching
you how to take control of an important part of your life and business, to gain back time and get the results you deserve. PLUS, you’ll also get TWELVE group coaching sessions with our experienced Farm Business Coaches (that’s one coaching session a month for 12 months!) to really help you apply the Program to your own farm and business.  
 The Program is delivered 100% online. You can complete it in as little as 12 weeks, however we give you 12-months access, so you can work at your own pace or revisit any of the learnings. You’ll be provided with all the Take Control Workbook and additional resources and real-life case studies. All you need is a spare few hours each week, an internet connection, and an open mind! Once you’ve started, we’ll also get in touch with you directly to begin your coaching sessions.
 Five comprehensive self paced Take Control
Modules, recently updated to be even more
specific to farming ($5,000 value)

Two tickets to the TOP Producers Program
2-Day Workshop ($1,990 value)

12 Months access to live monthly group
coaching calls to ask questions and get help
from experienced mentors ($3,500 value)

12 Months access to the private Take
Control Facebook group to get support, ask
questions, and celebrate wins in real-time
($500 value)



  How time intensive is the course?
To complete the course in the minimum time frame of 12 weeks, you will need to commit a couple of hours per week the online learning. The great thing is it’s online and a self-paced course. You can ‘pause’ at any stage if you get busy and then pick it up again later on. Remember applying what you learn to your business is where you get real traction, so the more you put in, the more you will get out.

Can we share the course with our team?
Your purchase of Take Control includes one login and one workbook (you can download additional copies in the learning platform though)! However, you can have as many people as you want in your business to work through the program. It is a great thing to do as a family or business, and it helps you build alignment and learn together.

What if I’m the only person in my business who has time for the program?
You can still make an incredible impact on your business by implementing the things you learn through this program. When the
others see you playing at a higher level, you will find that they can’t help but be curious about it too.

What if I miss a coaching call?
All the group coaching calls are recorded. If you can’t attend live, we upload the recording to the learning platform for you to catch up on later. You can also submit any questions beforehand so our Coach can answer these on the call for you. These calls are incredible for reinforcing your learning and learning from others also working through the course.

Is there a payment plan?
You can either pay for the program upfront and save a little money or spread the investment over four months. If you would
like to pay via invoice, you can also request this during checkout.

What if I need help or have questions while I am learning?
You will be given access to a private Take Control Facebook community where you can ask questions and get help as you learn. You will also get support through the monthly coaching calls. At any stage, if you need more support, you can reach out to us. We want to see you succeed and implement what we teach you into your business, so don’t leave a question un-asked. 
  We’re here to help answer any questions you
have in making sure the Take Control
program is right for you 
  Farm Owners Academy exists to help farmers like you achieve More Profit, More Control, & More Freedom.

We teach farmers:

  • How to become successful business owners.

  • The strategic skills that weren’t passed on from the generations before.

  • How to become TOP Producers (the skills of the top 20% of farmers).

  • How to interpret their financials to make better decisions, maximising the profitability

  • How to Take Control of their farms, gaining more clarity, focus, organisation and

  • How to think like a successful entrepreneur and find new opportunities.

Farm Owners Academy was cofounded by Greg Johnsson and Andrew Roberts back in 2015 to simplify the complexity of running a farming business. Now with a team of Farm Business Coaches, their combined methods have been tried and tested in Australian Farming Businesses for 40+ years and are proven to help you experience ‘More Profit, More Control, and More Freedom’.

We have a variety of useful resources including a smash-hit podcast, newsletters, blogs, regular live events and a series of comprehensive educational programs. We provide everything you need to unlock the full potential of your business, and create something that makes you both proud and profitable, and gives you the freedom you deserve.
Farm Owners Academy exists to help farmers like you achieve
More Profit, More Control, More Freedom

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