Here are some simple tips to help you set up a great 2023. 

  1. Put your holidays into your calendar early. If you don’t plan time off, you will fill it with stuff. I like to ensure I get a mini break every quarter (4 days off) and an extended break once a year (2 to 4 weeks off). Everyone needs to recharge now and again.


  2. Lock in the 3/2/1 rule. Each quarter, read 3 books, speak with 2 people from your industry that can help you and consider doing one short in-person course (a 3-hour or multi-day event or an online course of some sort). This will help you to continuously grow.


  3. Remember to plan. We are huge advocates of quarterly planning, so each quarter, get together to work out what priorities you will focus on. But, of course, this won’t happen if you don’t put the planning dates in your calendar (you only need to lock in one day each quarter and maybe two days for your yearly planning).


  4. Say ‘no’ more than you say ‘yes.’  Don’t let your mouth overload your back. Simplify your life where possible.


  5. Remember, a one-hour weekly plan will double your effectiveness each week – plan next week this week.


  6. Don’t let your undone tasks build up. Instead, get them out of your head onto paper / spreadsheet / somewhere. Poor sleep is associated with having too many things going on in your head, so it’s best to keep your head clear and write things down.


  7. Your greatest growth will come from finding someone ‘doing it smarter’ than you and then learning from them. So, get around ‘smart people’ as much as you can. Don’t try and figure it all out by yourself.


  8. Make your health a high priority because if you don’t have it, you only have one option.


  9. Don’t take life so seriously. Plan to have fun. Hang out with family and friends and go on an adventure. If not now, then when?

Have the best year!




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