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Alumni Member

  • We’re consistently ticking the right boxes
  • You just come out a better person
  • When you focus on your figures… you can see where your weak points or opportunities are
  • It’s very positive, open and quite humbling

Alumni Member

  • We are enjoying farming a lot more
  • The potential growth is very exciting where the next 5 years could take us
  • Understanding our numbers a lot more, we have a good gauge on where we are sitting performance wise

Alumni Member

  • The support has been overwhelming
  • The Alumni gives each other help and support
  • The future looks really good, a lot more clarity is a big thing & how we’re going to get there

Alumni Member

  • The main point of this is setting up your business so that you have the freedom to go and do what you want when you want
  • The future is looking good, we have confidence with what we’re doing and where we’re going and the numbers behind that to support it

Platinum Mastermind

  • The Clarity Action Planner has a lot of power, a lot of traction
  • Once we are all aligned as a team, finally it’ll start to feel like we’re all running in the same direction.
  • Coaches are great…it’s just a matter of being able to get past some of our hurdles.
  • Looking forward to the future. A bit excited about getting back and start doing some of this work.

Platinum Mastermind

  • Everything that I’ve learned here is applicable to any business situation.
  • It’s completely within your own power to shape your future.
  • I’ve got the confidence in my own ability that I’m going to be able to sort it out and make it go of whatever situation I’m put in.
  • If you think there’s a way to do it, you’re going to figure it out.

Platinum Mastermind

  • It’s much more than a business course, and it’s in a great way.
  • Think as farm business owners, not as farmers.
  • Benchmarking was the main thing that gave us clarity.
  • Empowering was how it felt. You’re in control of everything.
  • Being opened up to them has really changed the way I think about it all.

Platinum Mastermind

  • It’s so much more, it’s such a complete package that we didn’t even realize when we were signing up.
  • Getting a room full of fantastic people who you can learn from as well as the staff of Farm Owners who have just such a wealth of knowledge with mindset and coaching and just the accountability.
  • The benchmarking results that we got three years ago as opposed to the ones we got now are just amazing.
  • The roadmap for our future is looking bright. We’ve got the skills and the tools that Farm Owners have given us and yes, onwards and upwards for us.

Platinum Mastermind

  • You come to a place like this and to have 150 people in the exact same mindset that are transfixed on everything they say, it’s a great moment.
  • This seemed to tick all the boxes we did, so we jumped at it. The more we looked at it, the more we realized we definitely needed it and wanted it.
  • Empowering was how it felt. You’re in control of everything.
  • We’ve been in the program for two years now and we’ve got so many more things out of it than when we signed up.

Adam & Benita Bensch
Platinum Mastermind

  • It feels highly rewarding to be profitable and has been invaluable to date and will continue to be in the years ahead
  • We signed up and haven’t looked back
  • Absolutely glad we did it
  • We have met plenty of new people in similar situations
  • Planning has been a major change, to have some direction where we are going with our life and business
  • It feels highly rewarding to be profitable!

Ben & Kate Taylor
Platinum Mastermind

  • We can now make decisions financially based on tools and calculators on offer to us
  • Watching the KPIs improve dramatically quickly has been really exciting for us
  • Our business has just gotten stronger, and stronger and stronger!
  • What we are implementing now, and how that will look for our next generations of farmers coming through, its really exciting
  • Its empowering knowing you can analyse the numbers, make measured decisions, not just decisions based only on your head or heart

Benita Bensch
Platinum Mastermind

  • To anyone considering joining, or who have seen the ads online and its piqued your interest – take the steps and make the phone call or join one of the programs & dip your toe in the water to get a sense of it
  • If there is a feeling leading you to it, or any sort of interest, there is a reason for that – so follow your instincts

Berry Family
Platinum Mastermind

  • We are now able to make our own decisions and follow a calendar that we just know what is happening with our farm.
  • We are able to track our production and income using Farm Owners Academy tools and systems.
  • We are able to achieve clarity, organisation and communication.
  • Farm Owners Academy strategies helped us to know that we are employing the right person for the job we want done.

Symons Family
Platinum Mastermind

  • Farm Owners Academy helped us look at farming not just as a lifestyle but as a business, from lesson sheets to financials.
  • Every road has been pretty astounding, pretty great experience.

Westbrook Family
Platinum Mastermind

  • At first, I felt guilty when I wasn’t doing labor in the farm. Now, I’m making more money being in the office, planning and making bigger decisions.
  • We’ve seen our development skyrocket in 2 years.
  • Whether you are young or old farmer, we suggest having a coach as it was a game-changer for us. We learned to start from our future end goal to what we are currently doing which is the best thing we ever did.


Grosser Family
Platinum Mastermind

  • In just 18 months we have quadrupled our profit and scaled our business by 50% more land without investing any more money or capital.
  • The changes and freedom we have experienced have been phenomenal.
  • FOA is for any farmer that really wants to push ahead and go forward.
  • It's a little bit overwhelming but, WOW.

Tim Currie
Platinum Mastermind

  • Since we’ve started Farm Owners Academy we’ve definitely made the farm operations more professional.
  • We go and do our strategic planning, we have goals, we are working to provide an environment for our employees that is a really enjoyable place to work.
  • There are certainly different aspects that I would have never done without joining Farm Owners Academy.

Dougal Speirs
Platinum Mastermind

  • Having that freedom to be able to choose our roles that we play in the farm. Now nearly 3 years into Farm Owners Academy we’ve really developed the systems and core business.
  • It’s really fast tracked us and given me the skills and structure to go through that process. 
  • Having the Farm Owners Academy team, that support network there to be able to do that has just been fantastic. 



Byron Kirkland
Platinum Mastermind

  • We’re leaps and bounds ahead of where we were, we only just wish we got into something like this a lot earlier.
  • Greg came out and spent just one day with us talking, we’re now out of debt and moving ahead… it was a 2 year turnaround.
  • Since joining Farm Owners Academy, we got rid of a third of our farm and maintained our stocking rates, now we’re making more money than we were before.
  • The most useful thing I’ve learnt from Farm Owners Academy is the benchmarking, the planning has definitely helped us… we have so much more time on our hands now.

Dion Woolford
Platinum Mastermind

  • Farm Owners Academy has changed the way we look at our farm. We now look at it like a business because that’s exactly what it is.
  • When we first started Farm Owners Academy I was definitely quite apprehensive about what was ahead but looking back on it knowing what we know now, there’s no way we wouldn’t go through it again.
  • I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Cameron England
Platinum Mastermind

  • This course has been nothing short of brilliant thus far, I can see massive changes from when I started to where I am now. 
  • I couldn’t be happier that I am in this program and the positives I’ve seen. 
  • We had a good business but I can see now it’s going to be an excellent business. 

Sanders Family
TOP Producers Workshop

  • We're on target to double our turnover off the same area of land.
  • Everyting we have learnt, we can put into practice in another business if that's what we decided to do.

Low Family
Farm Financial Framework

  • On target to double our stocking capacity.
  • Through FOA's benchmarking and accountability we have identified and solved potential problems and become more efficient.

Williams Family
TOP Producers Workshop

  • We've discovered a massive upside that didn't exist 3 months ago.
  • From stuck in a rut & frustrated to goal setting & vision planning.
  • We have a group of people to check in, hold us accountable and ensure we implement the knowledge.
  • We have found our people! We're pumped!

Brodie Bowen
TOP Producers Workshop

  • We were always working hard and chasing our tail, but not getting anywhere.
  • We’re definitely a lot more positive now we’ve been to FOA
  • That’s why I did it, I want to be a successful farmer.

Travis Bell
TOP Producers Workshop

  • As we move through the course it became very apparent and very evident that there’s a lot that we have learnt that we can apply to our business that was a huge help to not only improve our profitability but also improve the efficiency and structure.
  • I would highly recommend this course to someone else.
  • It would be very rare for someone to have entered the agriculture industry with the level of skills that we’re getting taught through this course.

Kerry Bammann
TOP Producers Workshop

  • We were looking for the next step in our business.
  • We wanted to secure the future of our young family.
  • We need to implement a lot of new change and strategies on the business side.
  • We’ve learnt so much, its so motivating and thought-provoking.
  • We can’t wait to get home and make the changes

Kerri Cliff
TOP Producers Workshop

  • We came to FOA to get some direction and tools to progress us to the next level.
  • We now have a long-term strategy of bringing younger family members into the business and plan our exit out.
  • We learnt there are support systems and tools out there that we can access.
  • There’s a whole network of farmers looking for the same things, and we can bounce of each other by becoming involved in FOA.
  • My take home message is: write down your jobs and goals…. if its not written down it doesn’t happen

Dave & Bianca McGiveron
Take Control Program

  • This time last year we were mentally struggling, our heads weren’t in the right place, we were playing the victim and felt everything was out of our control.
  • This year we’re in such a better position because the TOP Producers Workshop gave us tools to put some action into place.
  • Despite the drought we had a record month and we’re on track to achieve a revenue of $1m by this time next year!
  • We’re so grateful for the tools you have given us to exceed in our business.

Cameron England
Platinum Mastermind Testimonial

  • Prior to me joining Farm Owners Academy, it was all work hard in order to achieve in life, whereas now we are working smarter. We have more efficiencies by having an amazing workman, it has really freed me up to spend time on the strategic side of the business. By having the right staff, the right systems, and strategies in place we can do that.
  • Since joining Farm Owners Academy, we have now set ourselves a goal of 40 kilograms of clean fleece weight per hectare, which is a 33% increase on our first two benchmarks .
  • We’ve got goals and targets, 1-year, 3-year,10-year goals and off/on farm investments to make sure that down the track when it comes time to hand over, or whatever happens in our succession planning, it’s going to make that process so much easier by planning from an early age. I know that if we implement the strategies that we have learnt through Farm Owners Academy, follow the process, have our goals in place that we will achieve them and go beyond.
  • “It has honestly changed our life and it will change our future generations life”.

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