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You will have heard me say this before: Time is our greatest asset. 

So many of us feel SO BUSY. We operate in CHAOS. We are REACTIVE rather than proactive. 

There is just not enough time in the day! 

Putting it simply, I believe that farmers (as a rule) DO NOT VALUE THEIR TIME. 

So many of us are STUCK in our business – ‘saving a wage’ by doing the LOW-VALUE tasks on our farm. And this is ‘costing us a fortune.’ 

In this podcast, I speak with two of the most professional and highly effective individuals I know – FOA’s General Manager, Sam Johnsson and FOA’s Business & Administration Manager, Michaela Malicki. 

In this podcast, we explore how they manage their time and the tips & tactics they recommend to help you become more effective. We discuss email management, diary management, scheduling, planning, to-do lists, meeting management and quarterly planning. 

In life, no one (necessarily) has any more time than anyone else. We all experience time the same way. 

The key to TAKING CONTROL and being highly effective comes down to how we value and prioritise our time. 

I hope this podcast is helpful to you. I hope it inspires you to make meaningful changes and apply professional time management practices to your lives and your farms. 

Please share your key take-aways and wins on the Profitable Farmer Facebook group, and reach out with any comments and questions on this. 

Finally, FOA’s Take Control Program delves deep into this topic and offers some powerful training to help you implement this and be more effective. For more details, go to:

Well done. Thank you, and have a PRODUCTIVE few weeks! 


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