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Do you have an overly active mind and struggle at times with overthinking ??

Trust me on this. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

As farmers, we often work alone and have a heap of time to think… deeply… about things that serve us AND things that may not.

This interview with FOA Head Coach Tracy Secombe reminds us that we are trained to be ‘in our heads’ and logically problem-solve to ‘manufacturer’ our goals, plans, and futures. This can become exhausting, and perhaps there is an alternative way of creating your future you might like to explore…

I used to overthink intensely, and it has taken me to a chapter in my life where I suffered from low self-esteem, depression and burnout. Learning to take control of this has been a major turning point in my life.

As farm-focused entrepreneurs, being aware of, being able to slow down and then master our thoughts is fundamental to our success.

Not doing this can be a significant contributor to mental fatigue, burnout, low self-esteem and depression.

In this podcast, Tracy & I explore overthinking in detail. The specific things you can do to bring awareness to this and proactively take steps to ‘unclutter’, slow down and move from negative and busy self-talk. And how to reach a calm, composed, positive and even powerful internal thought-process and narrative.

If this is relevant for you, and in the spirit of this month being Mental Health Month, I can personally recommend Tracy’s 7 Day Calmness Code Challenge to help you make a very positive first step in a new and life-changing way forward.

Click here for more information on the 7 Day Calmness Code Challenge

Congratulations on becoming a Director at Farm Owners Academy Tracy, we are delighted to have you part of our Leadership team !!

Thank you, Tracy – incredible as always!



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