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Let me be straight for a moment.


Many of us are making tax ‘minimisation’ decisions at tax time that constrict our growth. 


Many of us are expecting more of our Accountants than they are equipped to offer.


Finally, many of us do not have the people around us that can truly support our professional and business advancement.


These three things, especially at tax time, can be costing us a fortune.


In this episode, I welcome farm finance specialist Jeff McDonald, Executive Director at RLS Agribusiness, back to the show. I also speak with two FOA Platinum Mastermind graduates and leading farm financial controllers, Emma Strong and Mel Crockett. They share how investing in their financial development has forever changed their farm business performance.


In this important conversation, we explore:

  • how Super, FMD’s and spending money at tax time can, in fact, impede your progress;
  • how to turning a profit and paying tax is a good thing (that should be celebrated);
  • how as farm owners, WE need to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for how we present to the banks and do the ‘heavy lifting’ for our bankers; and
  • how building your financial acumen is CRITICAL to your success and advancement.


Speaking plainly once again, perhaps this is you holding your business back?


Perhaps a stronger advisory team AND an investment in yourself can be the key changes you can make to move your business forward.


Perhaps there are some better, higher-level questions we can each be asking…


Perhaps the Farm Financial Framework is for you:


Thank you all. Thank you, Jeff, Emma & Mel, and enjoy.



P.S. You will hear me speak about the Farm Financial Framework course during this episode. A program I believe deeply in that has helped so many and can create long-lasting change for farm business families. To learn more about the program or join our upcoming our next intake, please CLICK HERE.

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