Reflecting on 2022, I wanted to share with you my biggest lessons… 

  • Parenting is challenging. I have a four and a two-year-old, and it’s been hard. I have found myself often playing the victim (thinking ‘poor me’), so it’s been good to catch these thoughts and remember that someone is always doing it tougher. I take my hat off to all the mums and dads out there running a business on top of this.  
  • Change always starts with me. If I am not happy with something, it’s up to me, and only me to change it – not anyone else.  
  • The ego is naturally restless and constantly wants to be kept busy. It thinks by arriving ‘somewhere’, it will feel peace. But the real me wants peace right now – which means slowing down and enjoying life more. So, find your peace, and then everything will fall into place instead of thinking it will happen later (this is a work in progress for me).  
  • Be okay with everything not working out and failing. Worrying about failure doesn’t serve anyone (it takes away present peace), so we might as well just enjoy life and be okay if it doesn’t work out. Learn to enjoy trying things that don’t work out (this way, we remove the fear of failure).  
  • We have far less control over our future than we think, so it’s smarter to stay focused on the present moment. The only thing that matters is now.  
  • If you make a lot of money and have great success, but you live in your head, you are still broke. There is nothing more valuable than living in your heart.  Many people on their deathbeds realise this and agree that the only thing that matters was heart and love.  
  • It takes a lot of energy being a somebody, and no energy being a nobody. So be comfortable being a nobody going nowhere. The ego wants to be somebody, but deep down, your higher self wants you to rest and enjoy the moment.  
  • It’s our unwillingness to slow down and feel that stops us from healing. Many humans are broken, and stay super busy (or use alcohol and drugs) so they don’t feel the suffering created from the past (or false negative projections of the future). 
  • What is stressful to you is someone else’s bliss. 
  • Never postpone anything. DO IT NOW. 
  • All things come and go. Good and Bad. Don’t get attached to any of them.  Attachments are what make you suffer. Learn to surrender and let go. On the journey to success, people can create a new set of fears once they have what they want (because once they have it, they don’t want to lose it). Be comfortable with losing everything, and you will let go of this fear. 
  • Let go of being right. This causes so much conflict, so learn to be okay with being wrong (even if you are convinced you are right… it’s not worth the drama).
  • Most people are held back purely because of their belief systems or limiting beliefs. Be open to challenging every belief you have. These may be getting in the way of your happiness.
  • The mind creates all of your suffering. It’s never the world. It’s because we judge things as good or bad. Learn to treat everything as ‘just is’. Do your best not to label it. This is hard, but it’s a stepping stone to living life as though it’s happening for you, not to you.
  • What is the point of living your life to leave a legacy? So many people do this but forget to love their life (because they are doing it for something after they retire or die). Find out what you want (not what your ego wants), and just do that.  
  • Life is just a game… keep it simple, and don’t take it seriously.   
  • Being alive in today’s world is pretty damn good.  

Have a great 2023  

Robbo & the Farm Owners Academy Team 


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