Grazing Management Simplified

MaiaGrazing is an easy to use, online grazing management tool that helps graziers and farmers maximise their pastures and profits in the good times and reduce risks when it’s tough.


Understand your true carrying capacity


Make informed decisions faster


Optimise production


Save time

Why Choose MaiaGrazing?

Powerful Planning & Forecasting Tools

Never be over or understocked again

Optimal stocking rate is the primary challenge of grazing businesses. MaiaGrazing provides you with metrics to show when you are under or over-stocked relative to the season, so that you can confidently make decisions and take action before the rest of the market.

MaiaGrazing uses tried and true algorithms to carry the past with you, to make plain the actual stocking rate relative to the season that created it.

Forecast Stocking Rate

Gain confidence in making the ‘6 figure decisions’ that you can take to the bank, and which carry past performance forward. Create scenarios to test your operational assumptions. Set the annual ranch budget for livestock and grass.

Carry the past season forward into planning, to ensure an honest review of stocking rate to carrying capacity.

Planned Grazing

MaiaGrazing links your grazing plan to operations staff by easing communication across the entire team.

Set the next month’s plan for the whole team in minutes. Avoid the need to retrospectively update grazes.

Paddock Performance

Compare production results within and between Paddocks over time.

Identify return on investment from treatments or simply identify actual grazing performance history.

Reports for Compliance and Auditability

Trading/Journal/Stockflow Report

Easily generate valuable gross production results, Company-wide per Enterprise and/or Stock Class. This will flush out where the performance is coming from.


Produce full Mob and paddock graze history for auditable reports, records of feed on offer, graze yields, and all events.

What Farmers Are Saying?

“I have been looking 20 years for a program that does all the things MaiaGrazing does. Just mapping and record-keeping are easy. It is the analytic and planning tools MaiaGrazing provides that moves it up to the lead position in grazing management software. I am looking forward to using it on our grazing operations this Spring.”

–  Jim Gerrish, American GrazingLands Services

“The ideal person for this platform is someone who’s put off by the paperwork involved in starting a grazing chart – because it doesn’t take much to get MaiaGrazing up and running, and the business benefits of making informed pasture management decisions are huge.”

Andrew Lawrie, Gogango, Central QLD

What’s included in MaiaGrazing


Unlimited users, properties, enterprises and data


Farm map with real-time position of your herds


Stock administration and reconciliation


Reports to assist compliance


On-demand grazing performance analytics required for decision making


Personalised stocking rate to carrying capacity benchmarking


Easy to use and adaptable grazing planning tools


Backed by a professional support team of grazing industry specialists


Access on any device, anytime, anywhere


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