After 24 years of coaching companies and running my own businesses, I have had my fair share of screw-ups. From the closure of a company with a $250k loss, to having four team members quit on me in one day, to investing six months of time and money into a business that didn’t sell a single product, I have experienced a great deal of failure in my career.

But through these setbacks, I have learned the most valuable lesson of all: “The fish stinks from the head down.”

In other words, the common denominator in all of my failures was me.

It’s often difficult to admit this, but it’s also liberating when you do.

Nothing will change in your business or personal life until you change. 

It always starts with you. It starts with a decision that you are going to do things differently or better, and it starts when you take responsibility and get out of the ‘blaming the world or weather’ mode.

For those who may have missed it, I recently created a free video series that delves into how to make these changes. In it, I discuss the importance of taking control of yourself, and how to do so. By watching it, you will open yourself up to a new way of thinking and living – watch it here.

Nothing will change in your life until you actually make a decision to do something differently. We call this “taking control of yourself.” This is the area that all of my clients tell me has had the most significant impact on them. When they take control and decide to work on themselves: 


  • To stop using excuses and blaming everyone else. 
  • To wake up to the fact that ‘how’ they think will, in fact, control their reality. 
  • To stop reacting to things they can’t control and truly focus on the things that they can.
  • To work on their limiting beliefs and fears that are holding them back from living their best life, and finally take ownership of every area of their life. 
  • To stop pretending to be a know-it-all and get help. 

If you have dug yourself into a hole, then you can dig yourself back out.  

If you are unhappy about something in your life, then you can make a change to improve.  

If you are not living your best life, then you can decide that this year you are going to.  

It starts with a decision, so ask yourself – are you ready to make it? 


Have a great week.  


P.S. Video 1 in this brand new 3-part, free video training series is live now. Click here to watch it. Video 2 will be released on the 8th of February, so keep an eye on your inbox for it soon…  


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