Everyone experiences some sort of fear from time to time.  

You might have a fear of heights, a fear of snakes, or maybe you have a fear of speaking in front of a group. 

Some of you might have inherited a farm and carry the fear of losing it (or not doing a good job with it). 

Fear is there to protect you, but sadly, it can also hinder you. 

So how do we fix it? 

The first thing is to welcome it (and not run away from it). It’s important to befriend your fear and accept it. 

If you face it, often your best life can exist just on the other side of it. But if you keep running away from it, then it seems you keep attracting situations in your life to deal with it. Not to mention all the unnecessary angst and worry you can place on yourself, which stops you from living a peaceful and happy life. 

Fear cannot exist if it weren’t for these two things: 

  1. Your thoughts  
  2. Time 

If you look under the surface, thinking is what creates the fear.   

This is why we refer to fear as “False Expectation Appearing Real.”   

You have an expectation that something might go wrong (even in 99% of cases, the fear or worry will never actually eventuate).  

Take presenting to a group as an example. You might fear that you’ll stumble and look stupid, so it is easier for you to simply not place yourself in that situation (more people fear this than almost anything else).   

If I said to you, “It’s your turn to jump onto the stage,” your mind goes wild, creating all of these stories, which produces fear. But, if I took away your ability to think, then you simply wouldn’t have had the fear.  

So, this proves that almost ALL fears are created in the mind (not in reality). So, control your thinking, and you can control not just your fear but also your life.  

One of the best things you can do to face your fear is to make quick decisions (before the fear sets in). It’s cliché but so true – feel the fear and do it anyway.  

Did you know that the number one fear humans have (most are unaware of this) is death? This is why time also impacts fear. If you knew you and your loved ones would live forever, you would be amazed at how many fears would disappear.  

Humans are designed to survive. It’s ingrained in us. This is why there is so much fear about running out of money when you are older or not having enough. Many people also worry a lot about their close loved ones dying, which creates a lot of suffering for themselves. 

Death is one reality that none of us can get away from, and the truth is, none of us really know when this day will come.  

So if you look at it, if you remove the fear of death (and find acceptance for this) and also really observe your thoughts, you can conquer your fear and lead a much happier life.  

I would say that fear is the biggest thing that holds anyone back from living their best life, so it really is worth doing some work on this.  

My biggest advice, live your life as though you know you won’t fail.  

Have a great week,  



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