I’ve just finished a 9-day course. It was a big one, delivered online from 9am to 10.30pm each day. 

I got so much value from this. 

It was all about living in the moment and having peace of mind. 

The instructor is a master at this. His presence was next level, and he was able to help us learn to live a life without any fear, worry or stress. 

Tracy Secombe from Farm Owners Academy also shares this wisdom. 

It reminded me of the importance of learning from a master of any particular topic. That is, find someone who has studied an area you are interested in and then learn from them. 

The presenter opened the session by sharing how our ego is never satisfied. It has been programmed from a young age to constantly seek and achieve goals, with a feeling of ‘I will rest and enjoy life once I achieve this’. 

When you think about this, it’s so true. 

Many of us think like this, including me:

  • My life will start when I finish school;
  • If only I were 18;
  • I just need to get through college or University;
  • I just need to find a partner to settle down and marry;
  • I just need to have some kids, and my life will start then;
  • I just need the kids to get to 18, and then I can rest;
  • If only I were young again;
  • I just need to make a million dollars and then rest;
  • I just need to make 10 million dollars, and then I can rest. 

It’s the ego that keeps us in a state of always DOING rather than BEING. 

No wonder there is so much suffering in our lives. 

Our programming started all the way back at school.  

School teaches us to become somebody, and we begin this lifelong need to constantly improve and always get better.  
But in the pursuit of continually improving and getting better, we often miss out on enjoying the present moment that is going on around us. 

Our ego doesn’t want to sit in stillness – it always wants to be on the move and achieve. 

If we sit in stillness, the ego sees this as a threat. 

If we look at improving our business, we ultimately want to do it for some form of peace of mind (e.g. financial security). 

The best thing I picked up from this retreat is; don’t fall for the mirage of ‘I will find peace of mind when X or Y occurs’.

Peace of mind and relaxation are open to us right now. But, unfortunately, it won’t happen sometime in the future because we are wired to achieve a goal and then go straight for the next one.  
Now is the time to feel it and experience it.  
Now is the time to make the most of your life. 

It’s still great to have a successful business, but do it for fun and not to arrive at the destination.  
Like running a business, mindfulness and living in the moment is a skill – you can learn this and live a really peaceful life full of happiness and peace.   
Have a great day, 


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