The first time my Dad taught me how to shear a sheep is a day I don’t want to remember.

… dragging it out of the pen
… trying to hold it still
… getting my head around how to grip the handpiece

The whole thing ended in a mess, and let’s just say that was the most unlucky sheep in the shed – to have me as its shearer that day!

I was 14, and I thought shearing a sheep would be easy. But instead, dad just laughed and invited me to have a go.

My confidence didn’t last long.

If there was a record for the slowest sheep shorn, I would have won (and I had probably left 80% of the wool on).

By the time I finished (at least an hour later), highly frustrated and very angry at the sheep, I vowed never to do it again. Dad laughed again as I walked off, sneering, ‘stupid handpiece, stupid shear, stupid idea.’

There is a skill to it – there is more to it than first meets the eye.

Making a profit is no different. It’s a skill.

It’s a skill that anyone can learn, and there are 3 phases to achieve what we call ‘Money Mastery.’

1. Base
2. Intermediary
3. Advanced

If you lack the skill, you can still make a profit – but like how I left 80% of the wool on the sheep that day, you could also be leaving 80% of the profit on the table. AND you could be more frustrated and stressed than you need to be.

Farm Owners Academy has an excellent  Base, Intermediary, and Advanced money mastery checklist. If you can place a tick next to the 27 items on the list, you will be highly advanced and maximise your profit targets.

If you want the checklist, just click here and you can download it.

It’s great to have handy when you set your goals for the year.

I have complete respect for people that can shear.



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