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Make more money and
become a stronger farm owner

by learning the
language of finance

After the Farm Financial Framework, you’ll know exactly how to increase your farm’s profits this year (and every year afterward), a personalised financial benchmark, and business strategy backed by 75+ years of experience.

You know what you want on the farm:

  • More money to enjoy your life and survive the hard seasons
  • More time to spend off the farm with family and friends, doing the things you love
  • More confidence to KNOW (not just hope) that you’re building a strong farming legacy

But if you’re like most farmers, instead of achieving those things, you’re stuck…

Working longer and longer hours yet never really getting ahead financially.

Falling victim to things you can’t control like the weather, commodity prices, and other family members’ decisions.

Wrestling with the banks, suffering from inconsistent cash flow, and constantly wondering if this will be the year you’ll lose the farm.

You’ve been working hard to try and grow profits:

  • Pushed yourself to the point of overwork
  • Purchased new land, machinery, or technology
  • Sacrificed holidays and time with family for the sake of the farm

...Yet despite all that, you’re still not as profitable as you know you could be.

Even when your accountant tells you you’ve had a good year and made profits, you look at your meagre bank balance and say, “So...where’s all this money, then?”

You feel like no matter what you do, you’re just treading water...and honestly, barely keeping your head above it.

The good news is it doesn’t have to stay like this. There’s a way to increase your profits and protect your farm through the inevitable hard seasons...and it doesn’t involve you overworking yourself even more.

It all starts with:

  • Easy-to-follow financial training
  • A personalised financial benchmark for your farm
  • Proven strategy to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve efficiency
Our CEO, Jeremy Hutchings shares why he believes
this program is so important for farm owners
The simple secret to a highly profitable farm

It’s not shiny machinery or new software or a sleek marketing campaign...

The secret to a highly profitable farm is a basic understanding of finance.

A knowledge of finance is critical for any successful business operation. According to CB Insights, 29% of businesses fail because they don’t know how to properly spend their money. The business owner needs to clearly understand the big financial picture - and make decisions based on numbers and data - in order to make profitable choices.

Finance is the language of business (and most people don’t know how to speak that language!)

...Which makes sense because it’s not something we’re taught in school and it’s not something we know intuitively.

That’s why it feels like your accountant is talking a different language when they use terms like gross profit margin and equity ratio. It IS a different language, in a sense.

Not understanding that language is the reason why you can be doing great today...but deep down know you’re just one drought away from losing everything.

Not properly understanding finance causes most farmers to really suffer...

"We found the FFF training really informative. The way Greg explains the content was very easy to comprehend. We thought one of the best features was Greg's targets for the KPI's and how those ratio's led to different outcomes for the business. The examination of the callers figures can be analysing participants actual reports was also great because they are real examples and had common faults that we could all relate to. Inspired by the training we are just getting organised to submit our financials for the Farm Financial Benchmark."

- Andrew Turner

The costly way most farmers make decisions

Most farm owners make decisions based on what their current bank balance looks like. (And it’s not just farmers, for that matter - it’s all business owners.)

If the bank balance looks healthy in their trading account, they’ll spend money. If it doesn’t look healthy, they’ll shut up shop. It seems like common sense, right?

But in truth, operating this way is exactly the wrong thing to do...

The cash balance in your bank account is just ONE marker of financial health...there are dozens more. So when you only use your bank balance to make decisions, you’re inadvertently ignoring so many other signals that you need to achieve high profitability.

Once you understand the financial reality behind your farm, you’ll know how to make better financial decisions to bring in more revenue, plug existing money holes, and increase profits and viability in both the short- and long-term.

Best of all, you’ll no longer be flying blind. You’ll make informed choices based on data, logic, and profitability...which will change everything:

  • You’ll increase revenue by focusing on the highest profit-drivers

  • You’ll cut costs by spotting and removing hidden money-suckers

  • You’ll work less because you’ll have enough surplus to hire help

  • You’ll make more of the good you can stay viable through challenging seasons

  • You'll significantly reduce the impact of losses in the bad years on the long-term viability of your business 

  • You’ll know your financial position more deeply than ever before and have the skills to truly take control of your business

And, look. At the end of the day, I know it’s not really about the money…

But if you’ve got a business that’s generating good profits, you get to CHOOSE what to do with that money. It can be whatever: more holidays, boarding school for your kids, a new farmhouse, off-farm investments, extra labour to give yourself time off…it’s limitless, what you can do with surplus cash.

Profit is the pathway to freedom. Whether it’s financial freedom, time freedom, the freedom to choose whatever you want to do…that’s really what higher profits give you. 


Greg has been making farms more profitable for almost 40 years. 

Benchmarking and financial analysis have been passions of mine for most of my professional life. I was trained as a veterinary surgeon but over the last 37 years, I’ve gone beyond the health of the animal to look at the health of the bigger farm business.

As part of my vet training, I was involved in doing financial analysis for a statewide survey of beef cattle producers. I learned from some very clever people about the financial side of livestock production...which is something most farmers, consultants, and accountants never get the chance to do.

When I finished university and started running my own vet business, I developed my own set of financial analysis tools — which is how I was able to take the business to seven figures.

Once I saw how powerful this financial knowledge was, I started consulting with local producers in 1984. I helped them better understand their numbers, make better decisions, and ultimately, improve their profitability.

Over the last three decades, I’ve helped hundreds of farmers increase profitability across Australia by learning the language of finance and applying it to their farms. 

Along with my team at Farm Owners Academy, I created a simple program to help you gain a financial education and make better money decisions...even if you’ve never understood a balance sheet before in your life.

At Farm Owners Academy, we have over 75 years of combined experience across the farming and business sectors and have built multiple million-dollar businesses between us.

After working with hundreds of farm owners throughout Australia, we realised the #1 problem holding them back was a lack of financial knowledge. Finance can be very confusing and most other programs out there are unnecessarily complicated, filled with jargon, and not specific to the unique constraints of the farming industry.

Our mission is to give farm owners like you the tools and knowledge to make more money without sacrificing your time or sanity, so you can build a strong farming legacy you’ll proudly pass down to your children one day.

That’s why we created the Farm Financial Framework.

With the Farm Financial Framework, you’ll learn the language of finance and get a personalised financial benchmark to understand exactly where your farm can improve for higher profits.

This program will help you make smart financial decisions that lead to more money, more security, and much less stress on the farm.

What is the
Farm Financial Framework?
In a nutshell, this is how we'll help you take control of your farm's finances...

The Farm Financial Framework is a 14-week training program to become fluent in farm finance, step by step. You'll receive a workbook to ensure you are implementing as you learn, AND it includes a benchmark of YOUR farm's finances! (Scroll down for a more detailed explanation of each module).

There are a total of 7 sessions, each one is 60-90 minutes long.  You will have access to session one immediately, with each new session being released every fortnight. The entire 14-week course will require an investment of approx 30 hours of your time.

Online! The whole course is entirely internet based. No need to go anywhere, you can complete this program in the comfort of your own home.

But learning is only half of the program…

With the Farm Financial Framework, you won’t just learn about finance. You’ll put it into action to create real results on your farm.

When you enrol in the Farm Financial Framework, you’ll also receive a custom financial benchmark for your farm so you can see the finance terms, strategies, and reports come alive based on your own data.

The report includes key performance indicators that track your farm using several different financial metrics (because it’s about so much more than just cash in the bank!) Looking at your farm from these different angles allows you to spot sneaky money drains and hidden opportunities to drastically increase your profits.

This is so much more than just numbers and flash reports...

It’s a financial dissection of your farming operation to identify the specific areas where you need to improve. Combined with your financial training, you’ll know exactly what to do to optimise these areas and increase profits.

This program sets the foundations on which to make critical on-farm strategic decisions to create more wealth, more success, and more freedom.

Watch the video below to see how Cameron England used this process to create more wealth and freedom in his life...
Introduction and the Farm Financial Benchmark

The Farm Owners Academy team will use your numbers to create a custom financial benchmark for your farm. This analysis will use data like your assets, liabilities, revenue, inventories, costs, profit, and equity to spotlight your true financial reality.

Many farms never get this honest look into their businesses...and it’s the insight you need to see your operation from a higher vantage point.

The benchmark report is broken down by key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can see how your farm is performing across a variety of areas. This allows you to quickly spot weak areas that show the most room for improvement.

The 5-module training will teach you about the meaning of these KPIs and how to improve them. So you’ll confidently know how to use the benchmark data to make the RIGHT decisions for your farming business.

The benchmark summary above shows your true profit and loss with real business profit (not the P&L you get from your accountant).  In addition, we benchmark you against 17 target KPIs under the following headings:

1. Solvency and Resiliency (how resilient your business is)
2. Profitability (how profitable your business is)
3. Financial Efficiency (how well you are using your costs to drive profit)
4. Repayment Capacity (how well you repay your debts)

Green is positive, red needs attention. You can then use the content from the program to learn what you need to do to improve these figures.  You'll have so much clarity on what action to take to create more profit, control and freedom.  This is "benchmarking on steroids" according to our existing client, Troy Fischer, who has also used other benchmarking companies!

Module 1: The Basic Financial Framework

There are 3 essential financial statements that anyone in business needs to understand. Inside Module 1, you’ll discover the differences between them, how to generate the reports, and how to actually use them to make better decisions based on the position of the business. You’ll also learn how to do the proper financial analysis to determine if certain business decisions will be profitable. 

       You'll Learn: 

  • What the 3 essential financial statements are and how to use each to reach your financial goals

  • How to build your own set of financial reports, so you’re not reliant on an accountant or bookkeeper (or even us!)

  • How to improve the quality of financial data within the business, so your decisions will be sharper and more accurate

Module 2: Financial Decisions (Long-Term)

So often, people make short-term decisions that are contrary to what they’re trying to do in the long term. In Module 2, you’ll define your long-term vision so you can put financial strategies in place to make sure the daily decisions are aligned with your vision. It’s about putting measures around your goals and aspirations and creating a financial plan to support their attainment.

       You’ll discover:

  • What the long-term financial goals of your farming business truly are, so you know why all this hard work is worth it

  • How to use long-term financial strategies to inform short-term decisions that move you in the right direction

  • How to define and measure the financial key performance indicators (KPIs) for your farm, to ensure you’re making progress in the right areas

Module 3: Financial Decisions (Medium-Term)

The nature of farming means the effects of your financial decisions span several years. In Module 3, you’ll develop forward decision-making skills so you can consider potential ramifications over several years, to avoid nasty surprises down the road. You’ll also dig into managing costs carefully so that you can minimise losses in leaner years yet still be in a position to optimise profits in growth years.

       You’ll learn:

  • The difference between profit and margins...and why focusing on the wrong one can sabotage financial success

  • How to look forward and plan for the future before making critical decisions

  • The (real) profit levers — the only 2 ways to reliably improve profitability on the farm
Module 4: Financial Decisions (Short-Term)

Farmers often talk about the inherent unpredictability of farming. But there’s one statement that can add quite a bit of stability over the short term: your cash flow statement. Tracking your actuals to the cash flow budget can give you a clear picture of what the short-term future looks like so you can make smart financial decisions and improve your financial health in the long term. 

       You’ll discover:

  • Vanity, sanity, and reality: which short-term metrics really matter...and which are distracting you from true financial success

  • How to optimise cash flow and free up more liquid money in the bank each month

  • Ways to increase operational performance, optimise your revenue (“gross margin” in financial speak,) and reduce the direct costs of generating that revenue
Module 5: Identifying and Managing Risk

It’s inevitable that some years will be less profitable than others, and the farm needs to be able to cope with those poor seasons and poor price years. You do that by understanding the risk of those years occurring and making financial provisions to allow the farm to sustain itself. Inside Module 5, you’ll learn how to use your financial reports like a crystal ball to catch potential risks early. You’ll also safeguard your farm through tax strategy and learn how to get the banks on your side, so you have all the support you need to get you through the leaner years.

       You’ll learn:

  • How to generate a risk profile for your business so you can expect the unexpected

  • The best business structure and tax strategy that will benefit your unique farm

  • How to have a great relationship with external financiers and increase your ability to borrow funds when/if you need them
The Game-Changer: Farm Financial Benchmark Debriefs

Because learning from others is so powerful, Greg Johnsson will dissect a selection of real-life benchmarks for the benefit of the whole group.  He’ll give specific recommendations based on the benchmark result for targeted strategies to improve profitability in both the short and long term.

This clarity is everything - no more wasting time and money tweaking areas that are already working! You’ll ONLY need to focus on problem spots that show great potential for increased profitability!

The training will also teach you how to create this benchmark report for yourself for future use. Because remember...
We won’t do the heavy lifting for you...
We’ll teach you how to do it for yourself.

Farmers have told us they’re frustrated by programs, accountants, and consultants who create a dependency that keeps you running back to them every time there’s a big decision to be made.

The Farm Financial Framework is different.

We’re not doing the work for you. You’ll learn how to do it for yourself by applying the financial lessons to your business.

You’ll learn the language of finance. You’ll see everything play out in real life through your Farm Financial Benchmark and the feedback session. You’ll know how to analyse the data to make smart financial decisions that increase profits. And you’ll be able to generate the financial reports yourself in the future to track your progress.

So the next time a big decision comes into your world, you’ll have objective tools to help you know what to do.

You won’t depend on us. You’ll depend on YOU.

Have a listen to how Byron Kirkland benefited from getting the true picture of his business through benchmarking...
This is the stuff you didn’t learn at school, your accountant doesn’t teach you...and your agronomist doesn’t know.

Here's what you'll receive...

7 x sessions to master introductory finance, delivered to you online over 14-weeks, with accompanying workbook ($1,000 value)

Personalised financial benchmark to assess the health of your farming enterprise ($1,500 value)

Hear the FOA team debrief the benchmark results from real-life farms to learn strategies to improve ($500 value)

BONUS: Two tickets to our sell-out TOP Producers Program 2-Day Workshop ($2,000 value)

Total Value: $5,000...


ONLY $1,500!!

(and it's tax deductible 😉)

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Price: $5,000 $1,500 + GST per business

click here for long-term savings:
$1,500 + GST
click here for cash-flow friendly:
3 x $550 + GST
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Payment options accepted:

Maybe mastering finance and getting personalised financial insights and guidance probably sounds amazing...but for one reason or another, you’re still not sure if you’re ready.

That’s why the program comes with a 14-day guarantee. Here’s my promise:

Sign up for the Farm Financial Framework today. Work through the material for 14 whole days. And if at the end of that time, you don’t feel it’s worth every penny of your investment, simply email me at and we’ll refund all of your money.

I want you to have peace of mind when you sign up for this course. So I’m making it risk-free with this money-back guarantee.


2 x Tickets to the TOP Producers Program 2-Day Workshop

Bring your wife, dad, son, farmhand, or friend for two full days away to strategise for your business and life.

This is a comprehensive workshop, where you’ll learn how to make more money and run a better farming business. Not only that, you and your partners will (finally!) get on the same page in regards to goals, methods, and roles. You’ll walk away with a shared game plan and sense of understanding you’ve never had before. 

It’s hard to find time to devote to business growth with all the demands of your farm. This event is guaranteed to be two of the most productive days of your year where you’ll work ON your business and improve it.

What our members have to say about the
Farm Financial Framework...

“Benchmarking is the most important document I use”

Cameron & Kate England
Keilira, SA

“We improved our profit by 40% just by benchmarking”

David & Rhianne Low
White Flat, SA

“FOA benchmarking opened us up to our ACTUAL business position.”

Travis Bell
Kangaroo Island, SA

"We thoroughly enjoyed completing the FFF training, in fact it was one of  the big draw  cards we really wanted to achieve when joining FOA. We thought the information was great, very relevant and easy to follow. It was extremely helpful; and I'd highly recommend it to others."

- Nadine Jenkin

Have questions? We're here to help you...
The Farm Financial Framework is perfect for you if…
  • You’re a progressive, growth-oriented farmer who wants to create a strong legacy for future generations.

  • You’re a complete newbie to the world of finance. 

  • You’ve ever seen a profit on the bottom of your tax P&L statement, but when you look at your bank account, there’s nothing in there.

  • You want to know where that profit actually is...and how to get more money in the bank.

  • You’re not looking for a magic pill because you know they don’t exist. You’re willing to do the work (because we don’t do it for you!)

  • You’re tired of meetings with your accountant where you don’t understand the jargon they’re using. You want to be able to have informed conversations with your advisors and be a strong leader of your business.

  • You’re no stranger to hard work but you want to know all your efforts are leading you to the right end goal.
The program’s not the right fit for you if…
  • People with a high degree of financial skill already. This is an introductory program, not a high-level masterclass.

  • Farmers who prefer to make decisions in the heat of the moment, based on gut feeling or emotion.

  • If you are one of the ego-maniacs who make stupid comments like 'the book-work is not for me' or 'the money is not made in the office'

  • Close-minded folks who think financial management isn’t important.

  • People who don’t want to understand the bigger financial reality of their business, who would rather pay an accountant than learn finance for themselves.
One quick bit of financial advice:
Stop putting yourself last and start prioritising profit!

The biggest issue, for me, is that most farmers put their profit last.

It’s the typical accounting process…it starts with your turnover and you take out your expenses and at the bottom is your profit. Profit is what’s left over when everything else is done and dusted.

Here’s the problem with that…

So many farm owners give up their own remuneration, time, and sometimes even sanity, for the sake of the business. When there’s no profit left over, they sacrifice their own cash to buy assets on the farm and their own time to do the work.

When you’re working so hard, day after day, year after deserve better.

What you should be doing is looking at profit and owner’s remuneration first. And then make sure the business runs in a way that allows you to get what you want out of the business (in terms of money, time, and anything else that’s important to you.)

That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do when you learn the language of finance. You’ll know how to make your farm work for you.

You’ll be more confident. More in control. More effective. And best of all, you’ll KNOW that what you’re doing works because you’ll have tangible proof as you watch your profits grow...

"The Farm Financial Framework was a great program to go through. Financial planning and understanding is often put on the back burner - this program highlights why the understanding of our finances and where money is allocated is so necessary to run a successful business. I found it easy to follow and engaging. It has made me change a few things in the office as well as ask more questions. We pay a great deal of attention to how our money is generated and allocated and take pride in doing it positively."

- Christine Berry

Easy to interpret financial data after just one module...
or your money back.

The Farm Financial Framework will give you a backbone of financial literacy...with none of the fluffy stuff. It’s tailored to the farming industry, using KPIs that matter to you, and nothing flashy or unnecessary included.

After Module 1, you’ll roll up your sleeves and do the work to create your 3 essential financial statements.

These 3 fundamental statements will give you a clear look at your big-picture financials...and you’ll actually understand what these statements are telling you. You’ll clearly know where you’re starting your journey and start to see where you can optimise and improve for higher profitability.

Imagine how empowered you’ll be with that level of insight and objective decision-making on your farm...

...And that’s just one module!

Remember, you have 14 days to change your mind. So if you go through Module 1 and you still don’t think the program is for you, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

You’ll either gain a winning financial education and the tools to grow your farm’s profitability or you’ll get your money back.

There’s truly nothing to lose.

Now you have three options...
If you’re ready to choose Option #3...
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Price: $5,000 $1,500 + GST per business

click here for long-term savings:
$1,500 + GST
click here for cash-flow friendly:
3 x $550 + GST
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Payment options accepted:

I don’t understand finances at all. Am I ready for this?

Not only are you ready for this...the Farm Financial Framework was made for you!

We designed this introductory finance program for complete novices. That means there’s no financial jargon and you don’t need any prior experience. 

We’ll walk you through the building blocks in an easy-to-follow way.

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How is this different from other finance programs out there?

The Farm Financial Framework is the ONLY program that combines finance education with a personalised benchmark report...designed exclusively for farmers.

The farming industry is like no other. Not only is there very high risk, but you can’t be a professional farmer these days without owning or managing several million dollars of assets. It’s not as if you’re playing with small money — you’re playing with big money! And it’s critical that you understand what to do with that money if you want to seriously grow profits.

The Farm Financial Framework gives you that understanding. You’ll become fluent in finance and will understand what the numbers on your farm are telling you. Not only that, you’ll receive a custom benchmark report and feedback session where you’ll hear advice on how to increase your profits, based on your numbers and data.

Best of all, you’ll learn how to do all of this for yourself. You won’t be reliant on us to do this for you. After the program, YOU will be the financial expert of your farm.

Simply put, there’s no other program out there that can give you all that in one place.

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I already have an accountant. Do I need this program?

Here’s a bit of advice: If you’re relying on your accountant to run your business, you might as well pack up now. They’re no good at running a business. That’s why so many of them need to work until they’re 70+ years old!

Accountants are important but they only look at the small picture...and they usually don’t specialise in farming. They speak a language most farmers don’t understand and their main goal is to reduce the amount of tax you pay — which isn’t the best strategy to use for long-term profitability. 

If you truly want to build a strong farm legacy, you need to understand the finances. You need to know how to generate financial reports and use that data to lead your farm where you want it to go.

After the Farm Financial Framework, you’ll be a partner to your accountant. You’ll actually understand what they say and what your financial statements mean, which will make your relationship much stronger and your strategy much more profitable.

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I don't understand why you're selling a $5,000 program for only $1,500?

We work with hundreds of farmers everyday and we've seen first-hand the turmoil you've been through with the unrelenting drought, devastating fires, floods, frost, and even mouse plagues!

Farming is HARD! So we want to do something to make it that little bit easier.  Our mission is to help farmers profit more and we strongly believe getting to grips with your finances is a giant leap in the right direction... So this is our way of supporting you through the current climate.

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What if I join and don’t like it?

I’m so confident that you’re going to love this program that I’m offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you join and don’t think the program is worth your investment, just email me within 14 days at and I’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

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Will I have enough time for this?

We work with farmers every day so we know how busy you are. The program was created to work on your time.

The hidden benefit to this program is that once you generate the financial reports and get your personalised Farm Financial Benchmark report, your time will start to change…

The data will show you clear opportunities to increase profits...and you can use that surplus to hire help so you don’t have to work as much. Or you may see how to optimise your production to keep profits the same while reducing and streamlining your workload. Either way, you’ll learn how to reduce your time in the farm without sacrificing profits — that’s just another benefit of learning to read your financial statements!

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When can I watch the training webinars? 

You will have access to our Online Training Platform where the recorded webinars will be uploaded for you to watch in your own time, at your own convenience. 

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Can the key members of my team do this with me?

Yes, we actively encourage it!  The cost of the program is per business, not per person, so you're not restricted due to price. 

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Is this really worth the money?

The million-dollar question! Remember, the Farm Financial Framework has one main goal: to help you increase profits.

You’ll do that by gaining an education in finance. You’ll learn what the financial reports your accountant gives you actually mean and how to use that data to make smart financial decisions. Not only that, you’ll learn to generate those reports for yourself so you’ll always have objective financial data at the ready — and won’t have to depend on anyone else.

You’ll also receive a custom Farm Financial Benchmark report, which is a whole-farm analysis of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of a strong business. This is worth the entire price of the course, to be honest with you. It allows you to see your performance across multiple angles so you can spot hidden profit opportunities AND unnecessary profit-suckers. You’ll get such a strong grip on your business as a whole when you see it laid out like this.

Everything inside the program will help you make more money on the farm. But...if you join us and don’t think it will help you do that, there’s always our money-back guarantee. You have 14-days to test drive the program and if you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back. It’s truly risk-free.

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How can I be sure that you guys know what you're talking about?

We get it! You might not know us from Adam, so why would you hand over your hard-earned cash?!  We won't take offence 🙂

If you'd feel more comfortable with a taster of what we do and what the Farm Financial Framework training will entail, we'd encourage you to watch our 90-minute profit training.  Its completely FREE, no credit card details required.  Just click here to register and watch at your convenience.

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Summary of what you'll receive...

7 x sessions to master introductory finance, delivered to you online over 14-weeks, with accompanying workbook ($1,000 value)

Personalised financial benchmark to assess the health of your farming enterprise ($1,500 value)

Hear the FOA team debrief the benchmark results from real-life farms to learn strategies to improve ($500 value)

BONUS: Two tickets to our sell-out TOP Producers Program 2-Day Workshop ($2,000 value)

Total Value: $5,000...


ONLY $1,500!!

(and it's tax deductible 😉)

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Price: $5,000 $1,500 + GST per business

click here for long-term savings:
$1,500 + GST
click here for cash-flow friendly:
3 x $550 + GST
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Payment options accepted:

Maybe mastering finance and getting personalised financial insights and guidance probably sounds amazing...but for one reason or another, you’re still not sure if you’re ready.

That’s why the program comes with a 14-day guarantee. Here’s my promise:

Sign up for the Farm Financial Framework today. Work through the material for 14 whole days. And if at the end of that time, you don’t feel it’s worth every penny of your investment, simply email me at and we’ll refund all of your money.

I want you to have peace of mind when you sign up for this course. So I’m making it risk-free with this money-back guarantee.

Would you prefer to chat to a friendly member of our team?

Please fill in your details below and we will be in touch with you shortly...



Thank you to the below sources for your contribution to the course material provided in the Farm Financial Framework: 

  • Farming the Business, Sowing for your Future - Mike Krause GRDC
  • Business Information for Sheep Producers - Laura Page WA DPIRD 
  • Australian Farm Business Review

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