When I first started coaching, I was responsible for everything – all the administration, finance and, of course, coaching clients.   

The problem was I really hated the administration and the finance (bookwork) part of the business. 

Two years into my business coaching journey, I went to a business course. The teacher who ran the course said, ‘if you are doing work you don’t like, then you are giving off negative energy, so you are smarter to hire someone else to do this even if you think you can’t afford it.’ 

At the time, I was in considerable debt and wasn’t making much money. 

But I bit the bullet, and I hired a bookkeeper. I also employed someone for a day a week to do my admin. I really couldn’t afford to do this. 

But the most amazing thing happened. 

Once I let go of tasks I didn’t enjoy, I started enjoying work more. 

Because I was happier and had more time, I brought on new clients. After a while, my administration assistant (who I called my personal assistant) was working for me for four days per week.  

Then, I also hired a salesperson to help me as well, and I realised I had my first little team, including; 

1. A finder (salesperson) 
2. A minder (me looking after the clients) and 
3. A grinder (someone to do all of the administration) 

With this team in place, I could coach three times as many clients without extra effort. I was finally making some good money. 

It wasn’t long until I put my first coach on. Just two years later, I had a team of 13 coaches and a total team size of 25 (including an experienced operations manager running the show).   

I ended up selling that company. But, I was lucky to learn the concept that having a team of people allowed me to get to a goal ten times sooner than trying to do it all on my own. 

Even at Farm Owners Academy, many of you wouldn’t know this, but we have an incredible resource working from the Philippines called John.  

John helps Farm Owners Academy in so many ways and even ensures this blog post is uploaded, sent out and added to the website.   

All I need to do is write it. 

John runs all our IT, manages our websites, creates a lot of our web pages and many other things. He is amazing, and it would be hard to run our business without him. 

A great question for you to ask: ‘could you achieve more and even be happier if you bit the bullet and hired some help to do some jobs that you don’t like?’ 

Maybe even start with a bookkeeper for a few hours each month? 

Or maybe an administrator to help you two days per week? 

You could even hire someone from the Philippines for under $250 a week (full-time) to do both of these jobs for you. 

Do what you do best, then delegate and outsource the rest. 

Have a great day, 



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