If you often find yourself overwhelmed and burdened by a seemingly endless list of tasks, it might be time to embrace the power of delegation.

Effective delegation is a skill that can transform your work life, leading to fewer mistakes, reduced stress, and increased team cohesion.

However, many people struggle with delegation because they confuse it with abdication.

What is Abdication?

Abdication occurs when you hand off a task to a team member without providing clear instructions or guidance.

It’s like expecting someone to fix a fence without giving them a proper understanding of what needs to be done. When the results fall short of your expectations, frustration sets in, and you realise that the task was not delegated effectively.

The Essentials of Effective Delegation:

To delegate tasks successfully, consider these seven essentials:

ONE. Choose the Right Person:
Picking the right person for the job is paramount. Ensure the individual has the necessary skills and capabilities to handle the task.

TWO. Match the Task to the Person:
Align the requirements of the task with the abilities of the person you’re delegating to. This ensures they can perform the job to the best of their abilities.

THREE. Delegate with a view to empower responsibility:
Effective delegation frees you up to focus on higher-value tasks. Teach and delegate essential responsibilities to others, allowing you to invest time in tasks only you can handle. If you do this well, over time, you really can create a freedom farm as your team on more and more responsibility.

FOUR. Empower Newer Staff:
Build the confidence and competence of newer team members by delegating smaller tasks to them. This gradual approach helps them grow and contribute more effectively over time.

FIVE. Delegate Full Responsibility:
Assign the entire job to a team member, giving them 100% responsibility. This motivates individuals to excel and become more competent.

SIX. Define Clear Outcomes:
Explain the task’s objectives and make the outcomes measurable. When you can measure progress, you can manage it effectively.

SEVEN. Encourage Participation and Discussion
: Invite questions and be open to suggestions when delegating. The more engaged team members feel in the process, the more they’ll understand, accept, and commit to the task. I personally like to get them to write down what I am asking them to do, and then have them feed this back to me to ensure we are on the same page.

If you find team members are not doing what you ask them, then there is an excellent opportunity to look at how you communicate with them and work on improving this. 

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