If you want to hire someone, the ultimate goal should be to hire the right person. Slowing down the hiring process to find the ideal candidate is perfectly acceptable.

One good employee beats three average (this is why it’s okay to pay one good one a little more).

Here are eight traits to consider when hiring (thanks to Matt Gray for his contribution to these):

Grit: Grit is an indispensable quality. It encompasses the ability to persist through obstacles, bounce back from failure, and exhibit tenacity in the face of challenges. While hard work is common, true grit is a rare and valuable trait.

Resourcefulness: Look for individuals who possess relentless resourcefulness. These individuals excel at finding solutions, no matter how daunting or impossible a problem may seem. They are innovative problem solvers who believe there is always a way forward. Think of them as water, always finding a path around any obstacle.

Optimism: Farming can be a roller coaster ride, and having optimistic people on your team can provide a significant mental boost. Optimistic individuals do not see roadblocks; instead, they view them as stepping stones to success. Their electrifying and infectious energy is a must-have when the going gets tough.

Constant Learning: In a fast-paced world, continuous learning and adaptation are essential. Seek out candidates who actively seek feedback, strive to expand their skills, and maintain curiosity and hunger for knowledge. By investing in their development, you can expect a great return on your investment.

Fun: Although it may sound straightforward, it is vital to hire individuals who are not difficult people. It doesn’t matter how intelligent, hardworking, or optimistic someone is-if they lack empathy, struggle with collaboration, or fail to treat others with respect, they are not a good fit for the team.

Positive Presence: It is important to have people around whom you genuinely enjoy spending time with. Work can be intense, and having team members who bring positive energy, a sense of humour, and a lightness to work can make a world of difference. When work feels like play, the team becomes unstoppable.

Growth Mindset: A growth mindset is a foundational trait to look for in potential hires. Seek individuals who embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and believe that abilities and intelligence can be developed. People with a growth mindset focus on the process rather than being fixated solely on the outcome.

Sense of Responsibility: It is crucial for team members to take ownership of their work and care about doing a good job. Look for individuals who enjoy responsibility and do not require constant supervision. When everyone on the team takes initiative, performance improves, and you will have more breathing room and peace of mind.

By carefully considering these eight traits when making hiring decisions, you can increase the likelihood of finding the right person who will contribute to your team’s success.


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