Interview with Tim & Cheryl Freak

Interview with Tim & Cheryl Freak

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning, rolling over in bed, smiling at your partner and saying “Honey – let’s go to Fiji for the next two weeks”.  Your wife agrees, and you are off!

Now imagine coming back from your holiday to find things on your farm have actually improved whilst you were away.

That is a Freedom Farm.

A farming business that can function if you are there or not.

You have built a great team that you totally trust and they can run everything for you.

This is called a Freedom Farm because you have your time back AND you have a business that produces an income for you.

You get to choose if you want to work or not.

Now MOST of you probably still want to work…and that is ok.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have this choice? Having the choice is what sets you free.

We help farmers achieve just this.

Tim and Cheryl Freak have been clients of the Farm Owners Academy since 2015.

Recently, they made the decision to become freedom farmers in the very near future, and they share how they have achieved this in the video below.

In this video, they also share:

  • The power of setting goals and direction for your business
  • Leadership skills & managing employees
  • Organisation
  • Simplifying their business structure and how this has helped them

We hope you enjoy the video.

Farm Owners Academy

How to create financial freedom on your farm

How to create financial freedom on your farm

Running a farm is hard work……..And running a business is hard work.

Combine this into a running a farming business, and well, it’s extremely challenging and we take our hats off to you for doing it!!!!

They say farmers choose farming for freedom….but we know that this is just not the case for most farmers. You work your butt off all day on the farm, then you need to turn around in the evenings and on weekends to do the books, and work on growing your business – so you are really working multiple jobs! Let alone finding time for the family!!!

Learning the skills of how to run a BUSINESS is very different to learning the skills of running a farm.

Andrew will teach you how to run a really successful business.

Skills such as:

• Planning for the future and setting a vision for your business
• Knowing how to read the numbers on your profit & loss and balance sheets and knowing how to make sense of them all
• How to effectively hire the right people – and keep them!
• How to think more entrepreneurial and innovative to maximise your profitability
• How to lead a team and effectively enrol them into your vision

Until now, these skills have been neglected and are not taught to farmers.

This is why Farm Owners Academy exists.

We teach you how to run a really successful business (and we are also very good at knowing the technical side of running a great farm).

Once you learn the skills of running a business, you have them forever. And whilst they take a little while to get your head around, they will catapult your farm to being in the top 20% of farmers nationally, based on profit per hectare.

Cofounder, Andrew Roberts, has been mentoring to business owners for 20 years. He works with some of the top business owners around Australia.

He has also built and sold two million-dollar companies.

In this 10-minute video, Andrew shares a concept called the ‘Cycle of Business’ to some of our Farm Owner Academy clients.

This is an excellent overview of how to really scale up your farming business.

This is really relevant for those that want to be a top 20% farmer, and ultimately learn how to run a real business that can one day work without you. We refer to this as a freedom farm – and it’s a key outcome of our TOP Producers Program.

It’s worth investing 10-minutes of your time to watch this…. Enjoy!

Greg Johnson
Farm Owners Academy


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